Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak 2019

Please be advised that the public and private sector holidays for Eid Al-Fitr (Festival of Breaking the Fast) in the Middle East offices will be as follows:

  • KSA & UAE : Monday 3rd June through Thursday 6th June
  • Kuwait : Tuesday 4th June through Thursday 6th June
  • Jordan : Tuesday 4th June through Sunday 9th June
  • Iraq : Tuesday 4th June through Saturday 8th June
  • Qatar : Monday 3rd June through Thursday 6th June

During the holiday, the government /customs will be closed 2-8 June, and Move One offices will be closed on the respective days according to the country.

There will be delays during the clearance of the shipments due to the upcoming holidays. We will do our best to clear the shipments without extra costs during and after the Eid holidays but the customs operations is beyond our control and the delay in clearance will attract additional costs such as storage, demurrage, detention etc.

After the holiday, we anticipate backlogs at the ports, which may further delay deliveries and exports.

We ask for your understanding if some of the shipments that we handle on your behalf face delays in delivery and urge you to keep your customers advised of the additional costs (if any).

We take this opportunity to say thank you for doing business with us. Should there be any critical questions or concerns about the services, please contact us at:

  • Moving 
    • helen.slowey@moveoneinc.com
    • sonia.rajusth@moveoneinc.com
  • ​Relocation
    • ​anita.chandrapota@moveoneinc.com
  • ​Logistics
    • dhanya.dinesh@moveoneinc.com
    • ​gregory.forgrave@moveoneinc.com
    • carl.corriveau@moveoneinc.com



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