Introduction to relocations

Move One's relocations product manager, Jon Harman, explains what a relocation company does, and why organizations might need to make use of our services

Relocations videos

Living in Zagreb – Overview

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Living in Krakow – Overview

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Living in Dubai – Overview

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Living in Belgrade – Overview

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Living in Astana – Overview

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Moving videos

Moving Services – Why Use Insurance When Transporting Goods?

A short video about why you should insure your goods during transit.

Moving services – Possible Extra Charges

Video guide on what extra charges one might come across when moving goods from A to B.

Moving services – Insurance Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of your insurance; what you need to know when using Move One Relocations as your insurance provider.

Moving services – How to make an insurance claim

What you need to know before and as you make an insurance claim.

Pet transportation videos

How To Measure Your Pet Correctly

Living in Dubai: Moving And Relocating Your Pet

Pet Transportation – Services overview

An overview of the challenges and facts of international pet relocation.

Buying a Puppy – How to Find Reputable Breeders

Move One Pet Transportation Specialists interview various breeders in Macedonia to dismiss misconceptions about finding reputable breeders in Eastern Europe or the Balkans.

Pet Transportation – The Balkan Sarplaninec

A video overview of the beautiful Macedonian breed, the Sarplaninec.

Logistics videos

Meet Move One Logistics

Move One Logistics: Shaping with the World

Move One Logistics: New Kandahar Facility

A short video overview from Move One’s New Kandahar Facility.

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