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Cargo Agents in Afghanistan
Move One’s cargo agents in Afghanistan

We spoke to Michael B. Cheek one of our cargo agents in Afghanistan. He is the Station Manager of Move One’s offices on Bagram Air Field (BAF) in Afghanistan. We asked him about his experiences in living and working in such a challenging environment.

The camp is located about an hour’s drive east of Kabul. Due to the local infrastructure and the danger of road travel it can be longer to transport. Or even impossible for the unprepared and the ill-equipped to travel. The weather is described by those who have experienced it as being ‘bitterly cold in winter with wind and snow. And it is blistering hot in summer with wind and dust.’

Even though the trip out to the base can be difficult, BAF is a hive of activity. Everyday they receive upwards of four fully laden cargo flights.  The field is a long way out into territory that can be actively hostile during periods of unrest. Move One staff still handles an enormous volume of cargo on a daily basis.  The team provides a wide variety of services. This services includes door to door cargo delivery, import and export procedures and the transportation of HAZMAT goods. The office works closely with local military forces, regularly handling CentCom movements, mine rollers, vital foods and perishables and medical cargo, such as hospital equipment and vaccines.

Cargo Agents in Afghanistan of Move One

Move One Logistics employees (cargo agents) in Bagram have to be ‘on call’ twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Michael observed that “some days we’ll have planes all day. Some days we’ll have planes all night and into the morning, and hitting the sunrise with another plane. A lot of this depends on the carriers and the different schedules and demands. And we will rise to whatever challenge the latest cargo brings with it.” Every day, Move One BAF works around not only the intrinsic challenges of Afghanistan, but also those presented by sharing some of the world’s busiest runway space with the US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard, as well as multiple NATO/ISAF coalition partner units.

The staff at Move One BAF provides a dynamic mix of expat expertise and seasoned local knowledge. Whatever obstacles doing business in Afghanistan presents, they have the combination of technical ability and experience to respond with innovative solutions. “We all live and work together as a family, getting along, respecting others, settling disputes.” says Michael.

With eleven strategically located offices in Afghanistan alone, Move One has the experience and resources necessary to handle any logistical requirement in the region. Our services range from secure convoys, warehousing and online shipment tracking to air, sea, road and rail services, as well as purchase order management. Move One is also the authorised service contractor for United Parcel Service(UPS) in the country.

For further information about our services in Afghanistan, please contact Gregory Forgrave, Move One’s Regional Manager for Central Asia at