The Changing Face of Move One Logistics Management Team

Move One Logistics is excited to announce the following new appointments and organisational updates.

Move One Logistics has realigned the operational and business development teams. This realignment will enable Move One Logistics to provide a streamlined focus and full end-to-end logistics solutions to international logistics clients with a focus in post war zone areas in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Here are key highlights regarding the logistics management organization. Heading up our logistics division for over a decade are Jay and Paul, both Move One Group Directors.

Jay Cziraky is Group Director for the Logistics division. Jay has been with Move One since 1997 and is responsible for the business development side of the logistics business. In 2010 Jay relocated to Dubai in order to develop Move One’s position in the Middle East markets.

Paul Cziraky is Group Director for the Logistics division and has been with Move One since 1996. In 2011 Paul relocated to Dubai from a year long mission focusing on Asian markets including China. Please click here to learn more about Paul’s transition from China to Dubai. Paul oversees the operations side of the logistics business including quality control, customer service, health, safety and security implementation and organizational structures. Paul’s immediate team includes Carl CorriveauProduct Manager Logistics and Greg Forgrave, Regional Manager – Logistics Services.

Together with the senior management Carl and Greg both oversee product development and operational excellence. Carl Corriveau joined Move One in 2003 and relocated from Budapest, Hungary to Dubai in 2010. He will continue his role in logistics product management.

Greg Forgrave joined Move One in 2004 and will continue his role as Regional Manager-Logisticsoverseeing IraqAfghanistan and Mongolia operations. In addition he will oversee the management of UPS and the US Army’s Surface Deployment Distribution Command (SDDC) one of the logistic team’s largest clients.

We would like to introduce you to the additional key players that drive the logistics division’s direction and expansion.

Under Jay Cziraky and logistics business development are Erik HemphillNorth American Key Accounts Manager and Karl TrottierLogistics Business Development Manager.

Erik Hemphill has been with Move One since 2002. He has set up offices in KabulKuwait and Baghdad. Since 2007 Erik has focused on business development in North America. Erik will be relocating to Toronto, Canada from Budapest, Hungary to focus on both existing and prospective new account development in North America.

Karl Trottier has been with Move One since 2006. Karl spent time in Kabul and Kandahar focusing on operations in these markets. In 2010, Karl relocated to Budapest, Hungary and focused on business development for the CAMEA regions. Karl is now relocating from Budapest, Hungary to Dubai to continue his focus on logistic business development. His first day in the Dubai HQ was Sunday, March 18th.

Karl’s immediate team includes Cameron MarchandIraq Business Development and Remi Jeannequin, Logistics Development.

Cameron Marchand has been with Move One since 2007. He most recently held the position as Country Manager in Iraq. Cameron will now focus on business development for the Iraq region.

Remi Jeannequin began an assignment with Move One in July 2011 that entailed a market study within the Iraq region. In September of 2011 Remi joined Move One full-time. Remi will be focusing on developing markets in Iraq, Afghanistan and project development in

Carl’s immediate team includes Ian Caron, Logistics Operations Manager and Anders Bonde, Perishables Product Manager.

Ian Caron joined Move One in 2006. He relocated on Sunday, March 18 to Dubai from the Move OneMacedonia office. Ian previously held the position of Operations Manager where his core responsibility was the logistics back office support. Now, in addition to his current responsibilities in Macedonia, he will oversee the operations for the TAD and DIC warehouses in addition to managing key accounts in the UAE.

Anders Bonde joined Move One in 2011. Anders previously held the position of Operations and Sales Manager for the Aid and Relief Department of Geodis Wilson in Denmark. To learn more about Anders transition to Dubai please click here. Anders will now be the main point of contact for B&S Kopcke Global Trading. In addition, Anders will be leading the development for Move One’s new Perishables To learn more about the Perishables division please refer to the following article: “How To Play in the Cold”. This was posted in LOG Middle East. The article will be posted in the March 2012 edition (issue 45). When the article is posted on the LOG Middle East site the link will be distributed to staff.

Greg’s immediate team includes: Zsolt Ormai, Country Manager-AfghanistanKen Corriveau, Logistics Country Manager – IraqSean Kosa, Country Manager – Mongolia, and Neil Cushen, UPS Business Unit Manager.

Zsolt Ormai has been with Move One since 2005 and will continue with his role as Country

Directly reporting to Zsolt are Emmett Marchand, SDDC Project SupervisorTim Frey, Afghanistan Operations Coordinator and Sean KosaCountry Manager – Mongolia.

Emmett Marchand has been with Move One since 2008 and is currently transitioning to Dubai from Macedonia. Emmett will supervise projects for the US Army’s Surface Deployment Distribution Command division (SDDC) one of the logistic team’s largest clients.

Tim Frey has been with Move One since 2009. Tim is relocating from Kabul, Afghanistan to Dubai, UAE in April to focus on logistics operations in Afghanistan.

Effective immediately Ken Corriveau is taking the position of Logistics Country Manager-Iraq. Ken has been with Move One since 2007.

Sean Kosa has been with Move One since 2007. Since November 2011, Sean has taken on the position of Country Manager – Mongolia.

Neil Cushen joined Move One in 2012 as the UPS Business Unit Manager. Welcoming Cushens’ appointment, Curt Clements comments: “Move One is pleased to welcome industry pioneer Neil Cushen. Neil was a part of the design team at DHL and for over a decade developed numerous operational systems at DHL. Neil developed the owner-driver system at DHL in London. He is well suited to develop a fully automated process and structure in the some of the world’s most challenging environments like Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Shawn Wood has been with Move One since 2004. Shawn will continue to focus operations for UPS.

Glen Hampson will be moving on to another logistics opportunity in the region early next month (April 2012). Move One wishes Glen Hampson all the best in his future career endeavors and looks forward to working with Glen on the client side of the business.

The logistics industry is ever changing and always evolving. In addition client needs have also influenced changes within the logistics division. As a result Move One and UPS products collectively will be strongly influenced by Move One’s Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (QHSSE) Guidelines. According to Curt Clements: “Move One’s commitment to health and safety is not an afterthought but a company philosophy. Move One feels strongly this is an initiative that impacts every aspect of our business. We believe this focus makes Move One more competitive in the industry. We look forward to hearing feedback from all employees and working hand in hand with them to provide recommendations and suggestions on health and safety initiatives.”

Peter Tatrallyay has recently been appointed to head of Health, Safety and Security. To learn more about Move One’s commitment behind this initiative please refer to the following articles: Move One’s Commitment to Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment and Health, Safety and Security Announcement.

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