Customs Clearing Agents

When moving goods between countries customs can create issues for those unseasoned shippers. Experience in the industry allows us to provide everything from Customs Clearing Agents to Audit Support and Duty Drawbacks…

Why Choose Move One’s Services?

Move One provides comprehensive clearance services to expedite the delivery of shipments. We have dedicated teams of customs clearing agents in Iraq who can expertly handle the application and acquisition of the necessary documents to facilitate a quick approval. With our Agents, you can know that your shipment and documents would reach their destination in time.

Contact our Iraq offices today to know more;

Baghdad Office
Phone: +964 783 011 2189

Basra Office
Phone: +964 780 926 2160

Erbil Office
Phone: +964 750 190 3528

Sulaymaniyah Office
Phone: +964 773 401 1045