November 26, 2019  Djibouti is experiencing heavy rainfall throughout the country. The country has received an almost entire annual expected rainfall in only a short 4-day period causing flooding, landslides, power outages and difficult travel conditions. With a desert climate, Djibouti receives an average of only 120mm (4.7inches) of rainfall per year. The country’s drainage systems are not developed to handle the current weather conditions. As a result of the unusual weather and challenges associated with it, many companies in both the private and public sector have been shut.

With rain forecasted through the week, it is currently unclear as to when the water is expected to subside allowing continuation of business activities. Move One’s Djiboutian teams will be working remotely to the greatest extent possible. Please note that both local deliveries within Djibouti and transit cargo to/from Ethiopia will experience delays in clearance and delivery due to these events. Move One will continue to monitor the situation and will ensure all shipments are delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Questions? Updates
Please contact your Move One Coordinator if you have any concerns regarding your ongoing or potential shipments. If you have not been informed of any delays or directly contacted, please assume there is no change to your agreed shipment plan.
Joseph Myers
Country Manager – Ethiopia
+251 944 72 3522
Carl Corriveau
Product Manager – Commercial Logistics 
+971 55 104 7412

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