Expat Echo Dubai Catches the Eye of Local Expat Community

Traffic has already increased by 1,000 percent


Move One has recently launched a new campaign to boost awareness of its online resources for expatriates living in Dubai, and public interest is already ten times greater than before, receiving thousands of hits per day and an overall increase in traffic of around 1,000 percent.

Move One’s dedicated new site ‘Expat Echo Dubai‘ has already established itself as a prime media source in the region, and is due to be the media partner in a series of upcoming local events. Thanks to the ‘Louise Says…’ campaign and the combination of traditional and social media marketing, the site is now poised to become the main source of information for assignees relocating to Dubai.

Although Move One continues to market its online presence chiefly through digital media and social sites, the new campaign for Expat Echo Dubai includes traditional billboard signs, but with a modern twist.

“Billboard ads have about four seconds to grab the viewer’s attention and deliver their messages, which is exactly what these have done.”, says Luanna Bicknell, Move One’s Global Marketing Manager. “The popular interest of who Louise is and what the site has to offer, has caused an enormous surge in visitor traffic, as well as a word-of-mouth response throughout the expat community.”

The backlit boards strategically placed on Dubai’s major commuter route seem to float in the night air, with vibrant green text in both English and Arabic telling drivers that “Louise says… visit expatechodubai.com”.

The campaign was so popular and successful in fact, that it was recognized by FEPE International – Federation of Outdoor Advertising as well.

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