The Serbian language very much reflects how Serbia still straddles the boundaries between East and West. Although it’s complex pronunciations make it a challenging language to learn, this Slavic language uses both the Cyrillic and Latin scripts with many letters written and pronounced as in English. While English is widely spoken in Serbia, to enhance your experience of the country it will be beneficial to learn the basics. Bear in mind that signs, including road signs and virtually everything you see, will be written in a mixture of Cyrillic and Latin, so getting to grips with the alphabet is key.

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When you arrive in Belgrade, you will instantly notice the use of both the Cyrillic and Latin scripts as well as the distinct Slavic language spoken around you.

Serbian is a South Slavic language, spoken mainly in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, and in the Serbian diaspora.

Standard Serbian is based on the Slovakian dialect.  Linguists regard Serbo-Croatian as one genetic language for Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian and Montenegrin as they are all mutually intelligible.

Speaking Russian may, on occasion, be of advantage as the two languages have some similarities.

Serbian is the only European language using both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets.  Due to historical reasons Cyrillic was made the Official script by the 2006 Constitution.

However, Serbian language authorities recognize the official status for both scripts in contemporary standard Serbian language.

The combination of a complex pronunciation systems and the mix of scripts makes Serbian challenging language to learn. However, with the right teacher and a the dedicated will to learn, it can be done.

English is widely spoken in Serbia, with younger people being increasingly fluent in the language and always willing to practice it with foreigners. German, French or Spanish which are taught in Serbian schools, is not uncommon either.

While it is possible to get by in Serbia without being fluent in the language, making the minimal effort will reward you with smiles from your Serbian neighbors and friends.

Just learning the basics, such as ‘Hello, Goodbye, Please and Thank you’ — will help you get the most out your stay!

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Language Schools


Berlitz Belgrade is the ideal partner to provide Serbian language training to expat employees at your company. Each program is customized to accommodate the requirements for each student.

Serbian Language and Culture Workshop

If you wish to learn Serbian and Serbian culture m, Serbian Language and Culture Workshop is just the place for you. The program is unique because it offers not only language classes but also includes important elements of popular and high academic culture.

Online Materials

Cruiser Dictionary

This simple website provides instant translation between Serbian and English (or whichever language you may speak) and back.

Serbian 101

This site is designed as a starting point for people who want to learn more about the Serbian language.

Language School Teachers

Directory of private teachers and the different methods they are willing to teach – whether live or via skype, pick the teacher that best suits your needs.

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