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Many people consider their pets a member of the family. So, when relocating, a pet owner wants to make sure their pet has a safe journey with no complications. Moving a pet internationally can be a complicated and labor intensive process, depending on the countries involved in the move. Having an expert handle your pet’s relocation can relieve anxiety and help ensure your pet’s safe journey and successful entry into your new country. There can also be concerns about finding a veterinarian and specialty pet stores after your arrival. Move One relocation specialists are ready to answer any of your questions and make you and your pet’s move and transition a more pleasant one.

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For many relocating families, the most special shipment is their household pet.  We are committed to smoothing the process for the owner by negating the headache of paperwork and bureaucracy that accompanies international pet transportation.

All pets must have full sets of paperwork from their vet, which usually includes a clean bill of health and an official pet passport.

Pets must also be approved fit to travel, fit to fly. Additionally, each airline has its own requirements regarding pet cargo.

Move One is a long standing member of the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association, IPATA. We are the only relocation company in the Central Eastern European region that holds this status.

The pet transport team, has over the past decade transported tortoises, rabbits, parrots, horses, goats, ferrets, wolves and a team of performing squirrels, as well as the more common pets, cats and dogs.

We have all the containers needed for all shapes and size of pets. We ensure the animal is comfortable throughout the journey, and the stress is minimized.

Move One pet transportation has specialists fully familiar with the full spectrum of regulations, particular to every animal, destination and airline. We are particularly qualified to advise on, and organize the paperwork for all aspects of pet shipment.

From obtaining the health documents, to flight arrangement, and individual laws of entry, regarding each animal and each country.

Experience and knowledge of the fine details of animal transport has allowed Move One to achieve excellence in pet shipping. So much so, that even the president of Kazakhstan turns to Move One when shipping his prized horses.

We will take the stress out of your pet relocation experience, and provide your animal with a royal service.

Move One Relocations: Pet Transport

Find all you need to know about transporting your beloved animals into a foreign country, with the most trusted pet transport carrier.

English speaking Vets

Guta Vet

A large full service vet clinic and pet store in one.  This clinic also provides an ambulance for emergencies.


Veterinary Clinic “Beca” is a full service companion animal clinic.  Their services are designed and developed to assist in routine preventive care for young, healthy pets; early detection and treatment of disease as your pet ages; and complete medical and surgical care as necessary during his or her lifetime.

Alessandra Vets

Veterinary clinic “Alessandra” is the first private veterinary clinic in Ex-Yugoslavia. It was founded in 1993 and since then offers a high quality, humane, and ethical treatment for every patient.

Adopt A Pet


Organization for the respect and care of animals.

Animal Rescue Center

Site under construction but their animals still need homes – get in touch with them via the given phone number today.

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