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Many people consider their pets a member of the family. So, when relocating, a pet owner wants to make sure their pet has a safe journey with no complications. Moving a pet internationally can be a complicated and labor intensive process, depending on the countries involved in the move. Having an expert handle your pet’s relocation can relieve anxiety and help ensure your pet’s safe journey and successful entry into your new country. There can also be concerns about finding a veterinarian and specialty pet stores after your arrival. Move One relocation specialists are ready to answer any of your questions and make you and your pet’s move and transition a more pleasant one.

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Even though most pets travel well, others will not.Therefore, proper steps are necessary in order to ensure that the pet is happy and safe during the journey.

First, your pet needs to have a health certificate from their vet. This certificate is confirmation that the animal is healthy enough to travel and all their vaccinations are up to date.

Before the flight, you need to check that your crate meets safety requirements and it’s secure enough for your pet. It’s essential, however, that you do not lock your pet’s  crate. Airline employees and other officials may need to remove your pet in case of an emergency or if it is otherwise necessary.

Most vets do not recommend feeding your pet within four hours of travel. A number of people believe that using a sedative prior to travel will calm a pet and make them less stressed. However, many experts think that these medications can be dangerous, as they interfere with your pet’s ability to balance, increasing the risk of injury when their crate is moved.

It is highly recommended to meet with a veterinarian before giving any medications to a pet prior to air travel. Any medication that your pet may require must be specified when making the reservation with the airline.

After the journey, it is normal for your pet to be somewhat subdued or out of sorts. However, they should quickly regain their appetite and normal behavior.

If your pet continues to display abnormal behavior, it is recommended that you then take them to a vet as soon as possible.

Symptoms may include continual vomiting; loss of apatite or thirst; high temperature; diarrhea; signs of depression such as lethargy and disobedience; labored, heavy breathing; and lots of scratching and displays of fear. These are all the signs of the stress that the animal has experienced during the flight. These may, to a greater or lesser extent, be expected, but they should not continue for too long.

Move One, with our own experienced and professional pet transportation department, is prepared and capable to handle any and all aspects of your pet’s relocation.

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Find all you need to know about transporting your beloved animals into a foreign country, with the most trusted pet transport carrier.

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