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For the successful transition of an expatriate family from their home to new country, the appropriate schools must be chosen for the children involved. In addition to Serbia’s public schools that do not require tuition fees, Belgrade offers American, British, French, Russian, German and Italian international schools, one of which may offer a curriculum similar to the expatriate´s family’s home country. There are also educational options available for pre-school aged child. The following links are provided to you for more information about educational choices in Belgrade. Your Move One consultant will be happy to assist you in finding the right school and confirming your child’s placement.

International Schools

International School of Belgrade (ISB)
British International School (BIS)
Anglo-American School of Belgrade

Britannica School of Belgrade
École Française de Belgrade
Deutsche Schule Belgrade

Preschools & Nurseries

International Nursery School of Belgrade (INSB)
The International Nursery School of Belgrade is an independent, non profit Association of Citizens governed by teachers, parents and guardians of children in the nursery. Check the featured video for more information on the INSB.

Choosing an International School

A short article offering solid steps to choosing a school abroad. Find it here.

An easy-to-understand guide to picking a school for your children. Find it here.

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