With congestion becoming an increasing problem in Belgrade’s city center where parking is limited, it is easier to get around this compact city by foot or public transport. The public transit system is serviced by trams, trolleybuses and buses but no metro lines. Before riding, it may help to familiarize yourself with the maps, schedule and fares to avoid any complications. And remember to always activate your ticket by stamping it after you get on public transport vehicles. If driving, acquaint yourself with locals’ rules and customs and keep in mind that traffic jams are not uncommon.

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Belgrade is a compact city, easy to navigate on foot or by using the network of public transport services.

The two main bridges, Branko and Gazela, connect the core of the city to New Belgrade. In addition to the existing 4 road and 3 rail bridges, more are planned to facilitate an easier commute within the city.

Congestion has become a major problem with the city in constant expansion and the considerable increase in the number of vehicles.  Furthermore, parking in the city center can pose a problem; so many expats prefer to rely on public transport or taxis.

The public transport network consists of trams, trolleybuses, buses.  Taxis are also readily available.

The transit system is primarily run by GSP Beograd and SP Lasta, but also private companies also run a variety of bus routes.

Belgrade also has a city government run commuter rail network, Beovoz, which provides a mass-transit service in the city, connecting the suburbs with the downtown.  Routes are numbered and most locals are happy to help any confused foreigners.

Although public transport drivers can issue tickets, it’s cheaper to buy one (or a book of tickets) from street kiosks found at most stops and stations.

Remember to activate the ticket by stamping it after you get on.

Belgrade does not have a metro or subway system yet, but the Belgrade Metro project is in the early planning stages.

Taxi prices are reasonable making them a useful alternative for inner city travel. There are numerous taxi ranks throughout the city or you can flag a taxi down on the street.

Although you can ride your bicycle in Belgrade,its steep hills, heavy traffic and cobbled streets makes the city center a challenging place to navigate.

There are however, other areas in the city, such as  Ada Ciganlija Lake, Kalemegdan Park, Kosutnjak, or the river banks, where cycling is highly popular.

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