Bucharest touts good and inexpensive medical care for its citizens. Public facilities are staffed with well trained and highly intelligent health professionals, but long waiting times and language barriers may cause a non native to turn to private clinics and hospitals while living in Bucharest. There are many private health centers that correlate to international and western standards. They are easily accessible and have English speaking general practitioners, pediatricians, as well as other specialists.

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The quality and availability of medical care in their new home is often at the top of the list of concerns for anyone about to start a new international assignment.

How will I find a doctor?  What language will he or she speak?  Who can help me in case of an emergency?  These are just some of the questions that may be on your mind.

The Romanian State health system is staffed with well-trained physicians and specialists, but long waits, aging facilities, and the limited language capabilities of most doctors make it necessary for expats living in Romania to seek out other options.

Although occasionally expats will seek out a specific doctor working within the Romanian state health care system to contact directly for appointments in a Romanian state health care facility, it is more common for expats to rely on the services of a private medical clinic.

In the years since the end of communism, Bucharest has become increasingly well-served by a network of private medical clinics.

The clinics are spread across the city so no matter where you may live there is usually a clinic nearby.

Medicover health care center has five branches around the city, including the central areas and the neighborhoods where expats usually live.

EuroClinic is located in the heart of Bucharest’s sector 2 – an area preferred  by many expatriates – and also offers dentist services

Medilife is another clinic that offers a full range of medical services. It has 10 branches around the city and is easily accessible regardless of where you live.

Bucharest also offers a number of specialized dental centers, such as Neo Clinique and City Dent.  All of these clinics offer English speaking General Practitioners, Pediatricians, and other specialists.

They also have many in house testing capabilities.  Should the clinic not have the facilities or specialist you require, they will partner with a local hospital to get you the necessary test or treatment.

More information on the private medical clinics in Bucharest is available on this web page, or from your Move One consultant.

Emergency Contacts

Click here for a downloadable list of Emergency Contacts.



One of the best in medical care, Medicover is an international provider of private medical and occupational health care.

Regina Maria Clinic

This is the countries largest network of private medical clinics including a private hospital.  The site is only in Romanian however staff will be able to help you.

Medsana Medical Center

Medsana is a clinic that provides consultancy in 20 specialties. Unfortunately, the site is only in Romanian, but their private medical care is still very good.

Medical City

Medical City is another private clinic that provides quality care to each of their clients. As of this moment, the English site is unfortunately still under construction.

Dental Care

Sensident Med

The Sensident Medical Center (SDM) has been open since 2004 and is located on one of the most famous avenues in Bucharest, Decebal Avenue. Providing all the services you would find from home, this modern facility is staffed with English speaking dentists.

Alpha Dent Clinic

Alpha Dent is one of the best and most modern dental clinics in Bucharest.

24 Hour Pharmacies

Farmacile Dona

B-dul Magheru, nr. 32-34
+40 21 316 5407


6 Radu Beller st
+40 21 233 8961



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