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Housing in Hungary can range from an antique-filled apartment in a Budapest building to a bright modern suburban house. Many homes have been renovated to Western standards, and all have double-paned windows. In the capital city, the Pest (Eastern) side of the Danube boasts a lively city center with a definite urban feel. You will find apartments, rather than private houses, here. The Buda (Western) side reaches out into the hills, where the quieter neighborhoods have lots of trees, parks and fresh air. Houses on the Buda-side also tend to feature balconies, gardens, terraces and garages. What ever you are looking for, our Move One consultants are here to find the perfect match to your specified criteria.

District Guide

A look into Budapest’s districts, with advantages and disadvantages for expat living and for real estate investment.



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Moving your Household Goods

Move One has put together a comprehensive article on everything you need to know about importing and exporting your goods to and from your new home.


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