Did you move to a city that you knew nothing about? Was it difficult to make friends? Did you experience a medical emergency? How did you move your pets? Did your children have trouble fitting into their new environment? Was not speaking the language an issue?

The Expat Eye is a resource built around the needs of expats moving abroad. One of the key aspects of keeping the guides interesting and accurate is the use of interviews with expats living in these cities. Using first hand knowledge, they are in the unique position to describe what its like to live in that place and what it felt like to experience their new assignment. We want to know how you felt before making your move, and what it was like to integrate into the local society.

If you are interested in providing your own opinions to the discussion in our videos, please see the guidelines below:

  • This is not a tourist guide. We want to know the good and bad.
  • Interviews can be conducted one on one or in a group discussion, depending on the situation.
  • Interviews last between 15 – 30 minutes during one on one, and around 1.5 hours during a group discussion.
  • Interviews can be conducted in an office, cafe, house, or where ever participants feel most comfortable!
  • Topics include housing, healthcare, schools, safety, language, pets, what they miss from home, what they wish they knew, what advice they have for incoming expats, etc.
  • Interviews are volunteer only. There is no paid compensation.
  • Your opinion matters to us and your fellow expats!

Interview Questions

General Questions

1. What were your main concerns before relocating?
2. In retrospect, were these concerns justified?
3. How do you respect the culture in (city)?
4. What are some misconceptions about living in (city)?
5. What did you do to make friends?
6. Was it easy to meet other expats?
7. What advice would you give to newcomers moving to (city)?
8. What is the quality of life like? Are conditions worse or better than you expected?
9. Do you feel safe in (city)?
10. What is the climate like in (city)?
11. What is the most positive thing about living here?
12. What surprised you the most about arriving in (city)?
13. What did you wish you knew before moving here?
14. What do you do for entertainment in (city)?
15. How do you stay in touch with friends and family at home?

Specific Questions
Are you still able to get by and live a normal life without being able to speak the local language?
Did you learn the language? Tell us about your experiences learning the local language.

How does the housing vary from property at home?
Did you have trouble renting or have other issues with the property?
Did you have assistance from a relocations company and did that make it easier to find the right property?

Medical Care
What are your experiences of medical care in (city)?
Did you experience a medical emergency? If so, were you prepared?
What would you recommend to other expats moving to in terms of medical care?

What school do your children attend? How do they like the school?
Are you happy with the education your children are receiving?

How do you mainly travel in (city)?
What are your thoughts about the public transport in (city)?
And driving?
Do you use taxis to get around?

How do you find food shopping in (city)?
What about clothes?
Where do you get specialty food from?

For Kids
What places do your children enjoy visiting?
How do your children find living in (city)?

Did you get assistance moving your pet to (city)?
What were your experiences moving your pet to (city)?

Is there anything else that you might think expats moving to (city) would need to know before moving here?

Please contact us at info@expateye.com to participate. Please make sure to provide your current place of residence, the length of your expat assignment and how long you will be staying in your current city. We will get back to you and look forward to hearing about your expat experiences!


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