The housing options range from stand alone villas to gated high rise flat communities to standard row villa living. Costs for an acceptable 100m2 flat in the city proper start at around 600 USD a month and you can even find a low end villa for about 1200 USD per month. There are also properties for sale and many under construction which will soon be on the market. Expat gated/secured housing in high rise/stand-alone villas ranging from 2000 – 3000 USD per month.

Overall, deposits vary from 1 month to 1 year, but are negotiable in most cases. Also, these housing communities are full of offices as companies consolidate costs by living and working in the same space.

Leasing is done through lawyers or real estate brokers. The lawyer/broker for each party will draft an original contract out of the two side’s desires. Once the contract is agreeable to both, it is taken to the appropriate Ministries to be stamped. Once the agreement is signed and stamped, it cannot be changed by either party.

There is a good chance that in the coming year or two there will be a housing glut. There are so many living accommodations being built that barring an enormous international immigration trend, the supply will far outweigh the demand for rentals.

Temp living is limited to hotels; there are no adequate specialty temporary living accommodations that have been built to date.

Housing Areas and Districts in Erbil


This is the Primary Expat district for now, but that is changing as more housing opportunities come on line. Landlords in this district appear to be misreading the rental market and charging too much for monthly rent. As more new-builds come on the rental market, landlords in Ainkawa will be forced to lower rents. Ainkawa is a Christian district and it currently hosts most of the city’s corporate and diplomatic offices. Villas in Ainkawa run from 1,200 – 3,000 USD per month. There are not flats for rent at the moment, but there are a number of new-builds in the area. Ainkawa is close to the airport and is almost a semi-autonomous region from Erbil. This is the place to buy and consume alcohol, unless you transport it to your home.

The American Village

This is a modern American gated community that is not yet fully complete. The American Village is about 13 kilometers outside of the city. To enter the Village, guests and residents must pass through a check point so it is necessary to travel with a passport or residency card. The “City” is built to American EPA standards, has its own power generation, sewage treatment plant with water reclamation for green areas and pressurized water supply. The construction of housing is currently about 1/3 complete. In addition, there are plans to start construction on a country club with a gym, pool & sports center, shopping center and small medical clinic or hospital. The American Village is located within sight of the International School and the newest Hotel/Convention Center/Resort in Erbil.

The houses in the American Village are constructed based on a Flat Slab and Column w/Partition design. This means there are no internal load bearing walls and the home can be configured as needed. There is a Moldavian Community within that owns a whole block and they have configured their housing to provide dorms, dining and office facilities. Many of the top Kurdish Ministers also have homes here.

Management of the American Village prefers to sell the properties, but they will consider a lease as well. The minimum lease agreement is one year with a one year deposit. Lease terms are built on the American legal system. Pricing is between 2,800 – 3,500 USD.

English Village

The English Village is a gated housing community of 410 units which are complete. At the moment it is fully occupied and is part residential and part commercial. Of the housing units, 320 are owned by private landlords. There are no amenities such as shops or a gym as the English Village is situated within the confines of Erbil and next to Ainkawa.

The housing is stand alone, new and very nice. The configurations are customizable as in the American Village, but prebuilts are usually 4 bedroom with 2 – 3 bath. A typical lease is approximately 3,000 USD per month unfurnished. Furniture can be arranged for an extra cost.

NAZ City

NAZ City is a modern multi-high rise, flat community with swimming pool, central park, football pitch, tennis courts, mini market and play ground. Every flat is the same configuration and most are owned by private landlords who can be contacted through the property management office. Each unit is 225m2, with modern kitchen, three balconies (one with a double wood burning fireplace), 2.5 baths, living area, and four rooms to be used as desired.

The Italian City

The Italian City is a self contained, European style living district which will be complete with shops, salons, restaurants, housing, and entertainment. Currently the complex is complete however the residency rate is not at capacity. There are 4 types of accommodation which reflect the size of the dwelling. The four sizes are A, B, C, D (A is the largest, B the second largest, D the third largest and C is the smallest (no this isn’t a typo!).

Dollar City

This is one of a few “buy and build” facilities. This community features large, modern style housing (approx 300 – 500m2) which rents at approximately 2,500 per month.



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