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Finding a new place to live is never easy, but when it becomes an international search, it can become much more difficult. Krakow, however, has a wide range of available properties, from historic apartments to new builds to detached houses with gardens. Whatever your desire, be sure to share them with your Move One relocation specialist, so only properties that fit your needs are shown to you.  A Move One relocation specialist is happy to assist you in finding the right home in a safe area and making your move from old door to new door smooth and efficient.

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Kraków lies on the Vistula River banks splitting the city into north and south areas. These are further divided into 18 administrative districts.

The northern and southern parts of the city offer both apartments and houses in a wide range of styles, sizes and types.

In the north western part the most popular and exclusive district expats choose to live in is Wola Justowska, a green area with large detached houses. From this district to the city center it takes about 10 to 20 min. Even with close proximity to the city center there are horse riding paths and bike trails and a general suburb feel to this plush district.

Further north from Wola Justowska and away from the city center is Bronowice. Here many international companies have their offices. For those expats traveling regularly this is an ideal place to live because of its close proximity to the airport and easy access to the highways leading to the city center. For those not driving there is a direct tram line that runs to the center and takes 20 min.  Mainly apartments can be found in this area and would be considered less green then its neighbor Wola Justowska.

On the Southern side of the river many families tend to live in Swoszowice.  This is purely a residential area and houses are for rent. Families would choose to live here because the commute time to the International School located in Lusina is cut in half. There is still about a 20 min drive to the city center.

In or near the Old Town and Kazmierez only apartments are available – however these are the most prized as they are filled with charm and history. Refurbished apartments in old tenement buildings of the 19th and the 20th centuries greatly outnumber modern condominiums. Here one has city living at its best with stores, restaurants, cafes, theaters, pubs and nightlife at your feet.

If one would prefer to live in a newly built flat they can be found for the same price in the proper city center.

Krakow offers a wide range of options both in quality and in size when it comes to housing. Between the Old Town district, the city center and the suburbs – you are bound to find something to suit you taste and needs.

Buying a house in Poland is an option many expats take, especially those looking to stay for longer.  Although it is relatively straightforward to buy a property, especially for EU citizens, bear in mind that there are nevertheless legal and economic risks involved. It is advisable in the first instance to rent an apartment while working out the details of the buying procedures.

Be sure to take a moment to share your specific housing needs with your Move One consultant. A clear understanding of exactly what you are looking for will help the consultant assemble an offer that meets your needs and will help to avoid wasting time with properties that are not a match for you and your family.

Your consultant will consider your family’s specific needs and also factor in other important details, such as access to schools and commute times to the office, as he or she works with some of the most reputable agents in the city to put together your individual property offer.



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