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The official language of Poland is Polish. Considered a West-Slavic language, it is similar to the Czech, Slovak, and Russian languages. It is also spoken in some parts of Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine. Because of the lack of definite and indefinite articles, plus the use of seven grammatical noun cases, Polish can be difficult to master. As with any new city where the language is different from your own, learning numbers, basic phrases, and street signs can make the transition into your new life much easier.

Video Teachers

Online language learning centre helping professionals around the world develop their language skills. Qualified native speakers teach languages in a very effective and convenient way. All that is required is a broadband connection.

Useful Links

DICT Online English-Polish Dictionary

One of the best online dictionaries available. It has a clear and simple format and a vast vocabulary enabling you to quickly pinpoint the information you require.

Wiki: Polish

Wikipedia provides a detailed guide to the Polish language. It details the heritage and peppers the article with many useful links to those moving to Poland.

Polish Language Schools


Polish for Foreigners

Varia Center

Learning Materials

Hurra! Po Polsku 1 (For beginners)

This is an execellent book for beginners and intermediate students of the Polish language. In the beginning, it introduces the student to everyday scenarios without a strong emphasis on grammar, which allows the student to start speaking Polish first, and gradually adding grammar during the learning process.

Learn Polish @

This convenient site gives a list of Polish phrases and converts to English. Each mini-lesson will get you closer to your goal of learning Polish!

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