Krakow touts free medical care for its citizens. Public facilities are staffed with well trained and highly intelligent health professionals, but long waiting times and language barriers may cause the expatriate to turn to private clinics and hospitals while living in Krakow. This video and the links below are provided to give you more information about your private health care options in Krakow.

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Relocating to a new country can be daunting enough without having to worry about receiving proper medical care.   Whether for emergencies, or just general day to day needs, organizing proper health care is a priority for many relocating expats.

Although the state run health care system in Poland is free for legal residents, the system tends to be slow and sometimes inefficient.  Though the doctors are knowledgeable and well trained, the facilities can be dated.

An additional challenge for expats is communicating with doctors who may, or may not speak their language.

For those who wish to avoid the queues of public hospitals, there are a number of different private medical clinics located in Krakow. As a rule you can secure an appointment immediately, the quality of medical facilities is better than in the public health care and it is more likely for expats to find a specialist that speaks English.

With that said there is no shortage of English speaking dental clinics and dentists practicing in Krakow either.

Medicover is a favorite for expats. The clinic is located in two facilities around Krakow one of which is, centrally located near the Old town. Here one can be a pre paid member or come and pay on a per need basis.  The list of services this clinic provides is inclusive of all types of specialists you may need during your stay.

LIM Medical Center was one of the first private medical care facilities to open in Krakow and remains on the top tier of local private facilities. Specialists include, but are not limited to internal medicine doctors, pediatricians, cardiologists, neurologists, and ophthalmologists to name only a few.

Promedis is a leading health care provider throughout Poland. They offer modern, comprehensive medical care and its health professionals speak English. Promedis has two locations in Krakow and a 24 hour hotline. Each location offers a full range of diagnostic and outpatient services.  They also provide different packages to suit you and your family needs.

Expats usually choose a clinic based on the individual doctor or proximity to their home.

If your service package includes an orientation tour, your Move One consultant will be happy to include visits to any, or all, of the clinics as part of your tour.  Please let your consultant know if you would like to meet with a specialist, or if a general tour of the clinic will be sufficient.

More information on these clinics is available on this web page, or from your Move One consultant.

In Case of Emergency – Dial 112

Emergency Contacts

Click here for a downloadable list of Emergency Contacts.

Medical Clinics


The Medicover Center is located in Nowa Kamienica – one of the most attractive locations in Kraków – in the vicinity of Old Town, among historic buildings creating a warm, friendly atmosphere.

LIM Medical Center

LIM Medical Centre, established in 1992, was one of the first non-public medical facilities providing services for both individual and corporate clients.


Medicina is the oldest private health care provider in Kraków, offering the full range of specialist medical care to both individual and corporate clients since 1989.

Krakow Medical Center

Employing 84 specialists in a wide variety of services, Krakow Medical Center has been proving private medical care to expats for the past 15 years.


10 medical centers branded by the distinctive logo with the Rod of Asclepius operate, which are located in Poland’s biggest cities (Warsaw, Krakow, Wroc?aw, Pozna?, Gda?sk) and render a full range of diagnostic and outpatient services for more than 62.000 corporate patients.



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