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Nestled in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic merges enchantment and beauty with cosmopolitan life. The most famous city of all being Prague, known for centuries as the golden city with its glittering steeples and Gothic spires peppering the skyline. For over 1000 years Prague has been a nucleus of cultural and political development for central Europe. After a period of Communist rule, Czech has now become a forerunner in capitalist society and has opened itself to tourism and business alike. Visitors flock to the city to enjoy its stunning architecture and intriguing culture, while businesses enjoy economic growth. The population of the capital is relatively small in comparison to the neighboring countries, making Prague a comfortable and enjoyable place to live.

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Prague is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful and magical cities in Europe. Its glittering steeples and gothic spires have enchanted visitors for hundreds of years.

Historically there have been many political changes and after 40 years of communism, Czechoslovakia, as it was known, held its first democratic elections in 1990. 3 years on, the state peacefully separated into 2 countries: the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Now life in Prague is blossoming and it is once again an important European cultural hub. The capital is beautifully positioned on the Vlatava River, which separates downtown from the more suburban areas.

3 major bridges link the 2 parts, the most famous being Charles Bridge. The old town square, featuring a number of outdoor cafés, the Saint Nicholas Church, the Our Lady Before Tyn Church and the old town hall with its magical astronomical clock is a tourist mecca.

Other sites of interest include Prague Castle, St Vitus Cathedral, the Jewish quarter , the Municipal House, Petrin Hill, and of course the Charles bridge. Visitors to Prague are invariably overwhelmed by the beauty and diversity of the buildings in the city center which range from imposing gothic towers to luxurious art nouveau palaces to unique modern office buildings.

Prague also features numerous parks, every district has at least one major park, the most famous being Petrin Park. Here you can ride by cable car from street level up to the observation tower, which is modeled on the Eiffel tower, and offers stunning views across the city.

Over the years Prague has developed a reputation for historic and cultural activities. Hundreds of concert halls, galleries, cinemas and music clubs thrive in this city. There’s a rolling program of Festivals and one of the most important State Operas in Europe all work together to make Prague a dynamic, exciting capital city.

With only 1.2 million people residing in the city, some could describe the capital as having a cozy feel.

All of these facts add up to make Prague an enjoyable and pleasant city to call home. As an added benefit there is a large expat community with families and individuals from around the world. The team of consultants here at Move One look forward to the opportunity to introduce you to Prague and sharing all that this wonderful city has to offer.

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Safety and Security

Prague experiences the usual petty crimes you would expect in any major capital. Crimes against foreigners are not unheard of, so it is worth doubling up on common sense and paying close attention to your surroundings. Be aware that women and small children, as well as men, can be pickpockets.

For more information and advice about personal security, visit your respective country’s website:

U.S. Department of State
UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office
Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes
German Embassy

Climate and Clothing

With a central position in Europe, Prague is affected by weather patterns from both the east (Siberia) and west (Atlantic). July and August tend to be the warmest months, though the weather can be changeable with a fair number of rainy days mixed in with the sunnier periods. The weather stays reasonably mild during September and early October but gets noticeably colder after that (indeed early mornings can be pretty chilly during autumn months). Winters in Prague will often bring snow along with plenty of rain!

Summer clothing is not too much of a concern, but being appropriately dressed for winter is more important. Good quality clothing is readily available in Prague and it is possible to purchase everything you need once you arrive, however we recommend that you bring vital items with you. Shopping can sometimes be more of a chore than a joy when arriving in a new country. A warm coat, hat, gloves and boots are essential.

For further weather info click here.

Useful Documents

Click here to download a PDF of Czech Republics public holidays.

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