International assignments are not just about work. Moving to a new city can mean leaving behind established community networks and friends. Not to worry. Support and friendships can be readily found in St. Petersburg, given a little effort. Although the expat community is quite small for a city of St. Petersburg’s size, there is nevertheless a full range of options when it comes to making connections. Families often form friendships through their schools or sports teams, but there are also a large number of international organizations that have been established with the specific intention of creating new communities abroad. Women’s clubs, such as the IWC, offer social and volunteering opportunities, and groups such as the Rotary club or St. Petersburg Women Entrepreneurs can help get you on your feet in the local business community. Of course, don’t forget the Dutch Drinking Committee, for those in search of Netherlander company over a brew.

International Clubs & Associations

The International Women’s Club of Saint Petersburg

A strong network of international women working under the umbrella of IWC. The club hosts numerous activities, volunteer opportunities, charity events and also produces a monthly newsletter.

English Communication Club

English Club ENCC in St.Petersburg is the perfect place for everybody who speaks and learns English and wants to have a good time in a friendly cozy atmosphere. Regular meetings are held in the city’s center.


A trusted community and guide in St. Petersburg. InterNations aim is to help you, as an expat, become part of the expat community in St. Petersburg and explore the Russian way of life in all aspects.

Expat Women

One of the largest web portals discussing all things expat for women living overseas.

The expat women’s magazine. is an interactive information resource and community assisting and bringing together expat women to walk through key relocation and expatriate decisions step-by-step.


On Life in St. Petersburg

An American lady writing about the life of an expat in St. Petersburg as  well as the occasional tip.


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