Although this vibrant city of just under 650 thousand bore the brunt of Europe’s historical turmoil, Wroclaw is now experiencing one of its brightest periods to date.  The city can lay claim to a past reaching as far back as the ninth century, when a Slavic fort was built on Tum Island.  Since that very beginning, the settlement has been subjected to the constant rise and fall of surrounding empires. It’s the archetypal Central European city, having alternatively been dominated by Poles, Austrians, Germans, Hungarians, Napoleon, the Soviets, Mongols, Saxons, Swedes, and the plague. Today, however, this southwestern Polish gem is a stable example of the new Europe.  Wroclaw is at once a student city, a cultural hub, and financial center. The capital of the Lower Silesian province (voivodeship), the downtown is home to countless cinemas, galleries and festivals. Perhaps it’s the beer or the numerous cafes from which they can enjoy the unique mix of European architecture, but residents are known for their openness and generosity.  Let Move One’s first hand experience in Wroclaw help you settle in, so you can start to enjoy all that this dynamic center has to offer.

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Wroclaw has beaten the odds.  This mid-sized university town in Southwest Poland has experienced more than its share of European conflicts.  Nevertheless, the city today rewards residents with an atmosphere that is at once appreciative of its past, yet forward-looking and open-minded.

Wroclaw has cinemas, theatres, opera, recreation centers, green space, and festivals galore.  Its magnificent, intact old town center –all 117 bridges included—help it lay claim to its status as one of the most beautiful cities in Poland.

Students from all over the country set the tone in Rynek, the Old Town.  Cafes, pubs, and clubs are open from early morning until early morning. Sidewalks are wide, and contain constant with activity, especially during the warmer months.  Two of the better-known parks, Szczytnicki Park and South Park, provide the perfect setting for an afternoon romp with the kids.  Those at work in the center can also take a mid-day, outdoor breather at one of the generous, well-kept parks next to the Oder River.

Getting around shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you are willing to occasionally leave the car behind.  The city is flat, so walkers and bikers have it easy.  Public transportation consists of an efficient and inexpensive network of buses, trains and trams.  Some run on dedicated lanes, them a good bet during rush hour. Ticket dispensers are conveniently located at stops as well as inside the buses and trams.  These machines take credit cards, and users can choose displays in Polish, English, German, or French.  If driving is necessary after all, traffic can tough during rush hour, but is no worse than you might expect for a city of this size.

Winter doesn’t come lightly –it’s true–with temperatures sometimes dipping into negative double digits and snowfall common throughout the season.  Frozen sidewalks and driving both present their own sets of hazards, but with a bit of preparation, winter here has its delights.  The whole family can ice-skate at downtown rinks, or even go skiing, given a short, one-and-a-half to two-hour ride to nearby resort towns.

Although Poland operates a state medical care system, most expats choose from among private clinics and hospitals, such as Medicover, the Lim Centre, Lux Med or EMC.  The quality of care is quite high, and comparable to most private clinics across Western Europe.  English-, Polish-and German-speaking personnel staff the clinics, and global insurance can be processed in-house.  On the whole, expats are satisfied with the service, and find that the vast majority of their medical needs can be addressed through the clinic system.

There are three international schools in Wroclaw: the British International School, the Wroclaw International School, and Ekola.  These institutions cover practically every educational base, from kindergarten all the way through high school graduation.  The British school is located on one campus, in a green and quiet area, yet is close to the city center.  Wroclaw International, on the other hand, has two buildings in different parts of the city: one on Ojca Beyzyma street for younger children, and another on Zieli?skiego street for older ones. There’s no need to make a rushed decision, as spaces are almost always available in the class of your choice.

Some smaller, English-language kindergartens are popular among expats for their friendly teachers and cozy atmosphere.   Both Kidscorner and The International Kindergarten welcome children ages two to six.

Single expats and couples without small children often choose to live close to the Old Town, where everything –work, parks, entertainment, and eats—are close at hand.  Add kids to the picture, and many rent out single-family homes in residential areas such as Krzyki.  Another area, Bielany Wroc?awskie, is also a hit among expatriate families, as it’s known for having a quiet and welcoming village feel.  Bielany Wroc?awskie isn’t technically in Wroclaw proper, but is so close that it’s considered an extension of the town.  Keep in mind, though, that the further out from the center you are, the less practical the public transportation options.  Most families find that they need at least one car to get around the area.

If your Polish is less than perfect…or maybe nonexistent, don’t worry too much.  A large percentage of young people speak English –and sometimes German or Russian– as a second language, and are happy to help with simple directions and translations.  Communication at the post office or veggie market might be another matter.  A few Polish lessons, or even some familiarity with another Slavic language like Ukrainian, can be immensely helpful.

There’s something for everyone moving to Wroclaw.  The city’s successful efforts to attract foreign capital have resulted in drawing a large number of international families.  Locals are friendly, sociable, and eager to chat.  Set against the grandeur of Wroclaw’s unforgettable architecture, it’s no wonder that foreigners find it so enticing.

Let Move One introduce you and your family to the best of Wroclaw. Whether you need a vet who speaks your language, assistance with immigration paperwork, or would like to take a personalized tour of the neighborhoods, our relocation specialists can help you during every step of your relocation.

Useful Links

Wroc?aw official website
As the official site of Wroclaw, you can find plenty of important facts about the city. Now available in multiple languages!

Enjoy Wroclaw
A lot of useful information about interesting places and events in Wroclaw in English

Wroclaw Life
A site focused on all aspects of expatriate living in the country, from restaurants to local customs.

Information for Migrants About Poland
A portal discussing all things Poland that one relocating may be interested in.

This is the first English speaking station in Poland that broadcasts round the clock.

In Your Pocket Wroclaw
Any needed information on what to do, where to eat, and where to go out in Wroclaw can be found here.  In Your Pocket guides are great resources to get you started in your new home.

JDK Cultural Activities
Quickly becoming popular, this site promotes Polish cultural heritage and customs.

Move One InMotion
Whether it be relocations, immigration, moving or pet transportation, Move One’s InMotion blog is a savvy source of info for expats on the move.

Medical Clinics

An international medical company that offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services and has over 300,000 patients throughout Poland. Medicover is located in all major cities in Poland.

ENEL-MED Medical Clinics
The ENEL-MED Medical Centre provides top quality services, world class specialists, and state of the art equipment.

LUX MED Group is the leader in private medical care services in Poland with 70 outpatient clinics around the country.

LIM Medical Center
Established 18 years ago, LIM Medical was one of the first non-public medical facilities providing services for both individual and corporate clients.

Prestige Dent
Prestige Dent is a modern dental clinic based on the newest world trends.

Emergency Numbers: Ambulance: 999 Police: 997 Fire brigade: 998

From a mobile use the number: 112


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BISC Wroclaw

Wroclaw International School

International School of Ekola

International Kindergarten

Kids Corner

Wroclaw International Children’s House

International Playschool

American School of Wroclaw


Route Planner
Easy to use route planner.  Just click on the map for points A and B and the directions of how to get there will appear.
Comprehensive information on all things transport in Wroclaw including tickets, taxis, and timetables.

Taxi MPT


Magnolia Park
Over 250 stores, restaurants, cafes, and service points and easily accessible with 9 different public transportation lines reaching this mall.

Galeria Dominika?ska
Brand-named retail stores, latest vogue style, world renowned collection lines, coffee houses, brassieres, and service outlets in the very heart of the city of Wroc?aw, located just couple of paces away from the Main Market Square

Large mall located in town.

Alma Delikatessen
At Alma delicatessens you will find exceptional products which can’t be had at other stores.  Products are imported from all over Europe and South America. There is also an online store where you can order your groceries and have them delivered.

Pasaz Grunwaldzki
One of the biggest and most popular shopping centers.

Shopping in Wroclaw article.


For more information – click here.

Expat Community

International Friends of Wroclaw
International Friends of Wroc?aw serves as an informal social club and support network for international families or singles living and working in Wroc?aw.

Wroclaw International Networking Group
Known as WING this group
aim is to aim is to get business networking going in Wroclaw for individuals in senior managment both from the International Community and Polish people doing business with the International Community.  A casual opportunity to meet and connect outside your usual circle.
An online community for expats living in Wroclaw.

The expat women’s magazine. is an interactive information resource and community assisting and bringing together expat women to walk through key relocation and expatriate decisions step-by-step.

For Kids

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For more information – click here.

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