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2011 Freight Forwarder Iraq: Move One was the official freight forwarder for the Iraq Health Expo and Conference 2011. Move One Logistics is very proud to be an integral part of Iraq’s health care development. As the official freight forwarder of the Iraq Health Expo and Conference 2011, Move One will provide exhibitors with a number of services, including the delivery, handling, storage and customs clearance of their exhibits, containers and other assets.

Iraq undergone extensive reconstruction to all aspects of its infrastructure, as the US forces, present since 2003, prepare to withdraw from the country. Over a decade of armed conflict and civil unrest has left the country with serious shortcomings in its basic support services. The Iraqi Government hopes to use this event to focus attention on the state of health care, one of the most critical and urgent matters facing the nation. The current system is in crisis, lacking basic facilities such as hospitals, clinics, educated staff and experienced practitioners. It is hoped that the Conference will be an environment to foster collaboration between private sector investors, local partners and government.

Move One Logistics (freight forwarding companies Iraq) has been active in Iraq since 2003. With seven strategically located offices throughout the country (including facilities in Baghdad, Erbil, Balad, Camp Victory and Basra), the company has all the necessary resources and experience to handle even the most challenging logistical requirement in the region. Our extensive local knowledge has helped us build a successful track record in delivering everything from small shipments to heavy and over-sized cargo for our customers in various business sectors, including military, diplomatic, oil and gas industry and civil reconstruction projects.

For professional transportation assistance and quotes, please feel free to contact Move One’s quoting team at

For further information about Move One’s logistics services in Iraq and the Middle East, please contact Karokh Bahjat, Middle East Regional Manager.

Official Freight Forwarding Companies Iraq | Freight forwarder iraq

Freight Forwarder IraqIn November 25 to 28, 2011, for the second year in a row, Move One Logistics will take on the role of official freight forwarder for the Basra Oil and Gas Conference and Expo in Iraq. The exhibition, organized by Expotim Event Management, will focus on international companies and upstream service providers whose involvement and investment are expected to revolutionise the Iraqi oil and gas market. Move One Logistics has been a key figure in reintroducing international energy development companies to Iraq, and continues to facilitate redevelopment with support for Expo.

The event will provide a meeting place for parties interested in shaping the Iraqi market, showcasing huge potential for development in the country’s civil and industrial sectors. “Iraq has great significance in the region, particularly because of its oil and gas and mineral resources,” says András Horváth, Move One’s Iraq Team Leader. “The country has a huge potential for economic and industrial growth that could bring benefit for both investors and the citizens of The Republic of Iraq.” As the official freight forwarder (freight forwarder Iraq) of the conference, Move One Logistics will offer exhibitors a number of essential services, including delivery, handling, storage, and customs clearance.

Move One management reminds conference participants that all airfreight shipments must arrive at Basra Airport no later than 10 to 12 days before the event with proper documentation in place. Ocean freight, however, must arrive three weeks prior.

Freight Forwarder Iraq | freight forwarding companies iraq

Freight forwarding companies IraqMove One has been named the official freight forwarder for both the Erbil Machinex Expo and the Erbil Autoshow (Freight forwarding companies Iraq). The events, organized by Expotim and Pyramids International, will take place at the Basra International Fair Ground from March 17 – 20, 2011. Erbil Machinex will be the first professional machinery exhibition in Iraq, serving as a key platform for information exchange and exploring new business opportunities with key decision makers, investors, distributors, agents, traders and government officials working in Northern Iraq. Participants include companies active in industries, such as machine tools, light and heavy industrial machinery, welding and gas cutting machines, agricultural machines and many more.

The Autoshow will gave regional and overseas auto manufacturers the opportunity to widely promote materials, technology, products and services to experts from the global automotive industry and prospective clients. This exhibition expects over 150 exhibitors and 700 visitors, who will have a chance to meet automotive industry professionals and discover a wide range of vehicles, automotive components, accessories, spare parts, repair and maintenance tools and other related products and services.

Move One : A proud freight forwarding company

There are many freight forwarding companies Iraq but only Move One is the official freight forwarder for Iraq. Move One is very proud to be an integral part of Iraq’s economic and industrial development. As the official freight forwarder of the conference. Move One provided exhibitors with a number of services, such as the delivery, handling, storage and customs clearance of their exhibits, containers and other assets.

With seven strategically located offices in Iraq, Move One has all the necessary skills to handle any logistical requirement. Our extensive local knowledge of the region dates back to 2003 and has helped us build a successful track record in handling everything from small shipments to heavy and over-sized cargo for a variety of customers in the oil and gas industry as well as civil reconstruction.

For further information about our logistics services in Iraq and the Middle East, please contact Mr. Karokh Bahjat, Move One’s Regional Manager at