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    The accessibility of Import Broker in Afghanistan has always been a challenge for truckers. Facing long delays on high altitude is amongst other issues. International plans to stabilise and rebuild Afghanistan are being stepped up. For these plans to be successful, it will take an immense logistical effort. Huge quantities of construction materials, equipment and supplies are sent on a daily basis to the country via ports in Pakistan.

    Import Broker in Afghanistan as a challenge

    Most roads in the country are in extremely poor condition, but it’s not the potholes that worry truckers the most. Import Broker in Afghanistan also have to deal with the pressure of being ambushed by RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades). There are times it’s accompanied with heavy gunfire by insurgents, all the while hoping to avoid hitting roadside bombs. An estimated five to seven million land mines and large quantities of unexploded ordnance that exist on the roads. As a result, these roads make truckers very uneasy. To advert these dangers on the road, most truckers decides to speed up. The majority of the time this tactic usually ends up in an accident which in return causes long delays.

    Paul Waller, Move One’s operations coordinator in Kabul and Kandahar, explains that in 2004/5 international donors paid nine million USD to repave the road between Kandahar and Kabul. To counter this activity, the Taliban militia have set up a number of checkpoints along the roads. These allow them to easily stop drivers who mistake them for Afghan police. Therefore unintentionally lending them a helping hand to ravage their shipment. For the Taliban, the above method proves to be a steady stream of supplies and cash, and has also catered to their want to undermine. Due to this situation, it delays the international coalition’s movement to help the Afghan Government rebuild the country’s infrastructure.

    Situations of Trucking Companies in Afghanistan

    The on-going security situation translates into trucking companies in Afghanistan having to be very careful with selecting truck drivers and security convoys. Delivering cargo to distant parts of Afghanistan, it is crucial to have people with local knowledge. Ethnicity plays a big part in this selection as well: for example having a Tajik driver in a Pashtu area sometimes can be very troublesome. In lieu of this, foreign companies operating in Afghanistan rely on local expertise to find the quickest and safest way to deliver freight. Information is often spread by word of mouth and only those with rich experience on the ground can access it. Which road is closed? Is there a fake checkpoint set up? Is the Taliban militia approaching town or blocking mountain passages? These questions can be answered only by those with great experience and connections in the country.

    Import Broker in Afghanistan is a challenge but things do not necessarily get easier once the cargo arrives at the destination. Gregory Forgrave, Move One’s country manager for Afghanistan, explains that cargo vehicles are not allowed in cities during the day: ‘ you can enter only between 9:30 at night and 5 AM. Kabul lacks a ring road that trucks can bypass the city with. As a result, all transportation vehicles are stopped at the gates thus blocking traffic flow to the Afghan capital for everyone’. Civilians, diplomats, military and businesses alike suffer the consequences. Additionally, police often blocks streets or whole neighbourhood for security reasons. So getting the cargo to one’s warehouse from one end of town to the other can take hours. Trucking companies in Afghanistan faces this challenge and Move One’s staff are experienced to handle such.

    Our Trucking Company in Afghanistan

    Move One has offices and warehouses at the airports in Kabul, Kandahar, Baghram and six other locations across Afghanistan. We offer a range of project freight services, including customs brokerage, local national armed escort, domestic fixed and rotary wing charters. HAZMAT handling and delivery is also offered. In addition, Move One specializes in Tax Exemption Protocol Processes for Afghanistan. We are one of the most accomplished customs clearance brokers with the fastest service for Armored Vehicle and Restricted Items clearance.

    Our staff in Afghanistan is made up of experienced individuals from around the world. We have various offices and operations facilities in central Middle East countries to facilitate transit clearance and other operations in the whole region. Move One is the exclusive UPS agent for Afghanistan.

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