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2010 (Iraq trucking companies | Iraq trucking): Move One is glad to announce the opening of its newest (fifth) office in Iraq. The new office opened March 1, on location at Balad Air Base, also known as Camp Anaconda.

Balad Air Base is strategically located 68 kilometers North of Baghdad. The 25 square kilometer base is the largest and busiest airport in all of Iraq, about 40,000 troops, contractors, and Defense Department civilian employees reside there.  As much cargo and five times as many people move through there daily as through Dover Air Force Base, one of the busiest military bases in the United States. ‘Its like putting Chicago O’Hare right in the middle of Iraq’ says Air Force Lt. Col., Tate Johnson.

Balad has two lengthy runways measuring 11,300ft and 11,200ft respectively. These large runways make it easy to accommodate any type of aircraft,  with more than 250 planes taking off and landing every day.  Camp Anaconda is home to the major Air Force operation in Iraq and also the biggest Army logistical support center in the country. As the base’s commander, Air Force Brig. Gen. Burt Field noted the spot is an ideal staging ground, because of its size and location.

Balad is also scheduled to be one of the last four US bases, if not the last, to be shut down in Iraq officials say: ‘It’s centrally located, it’s a large facility; we’ve worked very hard to improve the situation,’ Field said. ‘So, I mean, it would certainly be one they should consider if we’re going to be a long-term presence here.’

The base is one giant construction project, with new roads, sidewalks, and structures going up across this 16-square-mile fortress in the center of Iraq, all with an eye toward the next few decades. This gigantic compound that can basically facilitate any type of shipment, and looks like it will be there at least the next decade, makes it a prime location for Move One.

There are many Iraq Trucking Companies in the region but with this location, Move One now has five offices in Iraq. With facilities in downtown Baghdad, Camp Victory, Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) and an office in Erbil, Move One is more than qualified to handle any logistical needs. Robert Hass, Move One Logistics’ regional manager for the Middle East is excited about the new office at Balad, ‘ This is a great location to have one of our offices, it gives us the capability to better serve the needs of our customers in an efficient and timely manner’.

Move One Logistics′ mission is simple: to be the premier global freight forwarder operating in the world′s most remote and challenging regions. Move One is dedicated to meeting the logistics needs of our customers by providing reliable and professional air, land and sea transportation services.

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Iraq TruckingFollowing weeks of intense planning, Move One (Iraq Trucking Companies) has moved MediCorp, a private clinic operating in Iraq, from its former operations center at the Victory Base Complex in Baghdad, to Camp Anaconda in Balad.

MediCorp is a medical facility for contractors and non-military personnel working in Iraq. They provide a wide range of healthcare and lab services (including pharmacy, radiology and dental), ambulance services, transport and MediVac services.

“It took several weeks of logistics planning, but once we ironed out the details and got the proper permissions, the move was completed in under a week,” said Robert Hass.

“We moved their housing containers and office structure with their medical equipment braced inside, which had to be broken down into different units and loaded onto thirty 40ft trucks,” added Hass.

Move One staff in Baghdad and Balad coordinated the loading and off-loading of the trucks respectively. With offices in five different locations in Iraq, Move One offers an array of services from logistics, household goods moving and relocations, to immigration and pet transportation both in the country and worldwide.

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Iraq TruckingMove One Logistics (Iraq Trucking Companies) has just completed the delivery of an enormous load of three thousand individual bed linens destined for personnel in Iraq. Whilst the political situation remains unsettled in many parts of the Middle East, thanks to Move One it will not be the clients’ international staff who are feeling restless!

As has often proven the case, there is rarely such a thing as a routine delivery in the region. From customs clearance to actually trucking into Iraq, the delivery required six days, but on crossing the border there was already a problem to be tackled. A trans-load was scheduled, but the recipient truck was too small to handle the mammoth linen load. Acting quickly, the Move One Iraq trucking team had to re-task the original 40-foot HC-Box truck to take the bedding the entire distance. Despite this unforeseen obstacle, the delivery was made safely and on time, so both Move One’s clients and the ultimate recipients of the bedding were able to rest easy.

With seven offices located throughout Iraq, Move One has built a successful track record in handling everything from small shipments to heavy, over-sized cargo for a variety of customers, ranging from the oil and gas industry to civil reconstruction projects.

For further information about our logistics services in Iraq and the Middle East, please contact Mr. Karokh Bahjat, Move One’s Regional Manager at