USAID Iraq | Move One Playing a Key Role

Iraq USAID Carp Project
Carp Fingerlings shipped to Iraq

May 2009: Move One Logistics has completed the successful delivery of 12,400 carp brood stock to two fish farms in Iraq for a United States Agency for International Development (Iraq USAID) project. This was an incredibly successful live haul shipment: From Tiszaszentimre, Hungary. Moving of live carp fingerlings were received in Babil hatcheries, a province within 32 hours with less than 0.002 percent mortality. The mission was part of Iraq USAID’s Inma Agribusiness Program aiming to re-establishing the fish farming industry in the country. Due to decades of conflict and sanctions, many fish farms in Iraq fell into disrepair and disuse. Even though central Iraq boasts more than 70 percent of the country’s fish farms, by 2007 only a fraction of them were operating. And these farms were operating significantly below capacity.

Iraq USAID Project : A Successful Delivery

The shipment was collected from the Tiszaszentimre fish farm in Hungary, and flown to the Middle East Fish Farm (MEFF) in Iskandaria. And transported the remaining shipment to Euphrates Fish Farm (EFF) at Al Hilla. Both fish farms are located in the Babil province in Iraq. Move One Logistics ensured that the on- and off-loading of the pallets containing the brood stock went immaculately. In addition, everything went accordingly with the assistance of clearance and providing the necessary trucks.

Inma were present and oversaw the process, from the packaging of live fish brood stock in Hungary. They also witnessed the placement in live tanks at the Iraqi receiving hatcheries. On site assistance, when required, was provided to ensure that the movement and time line projected were completed. And also the verifying count, time and method of packaging of live fish for importation.

The importation of the new carp brood stock was a major undertaking, involving elements from:

  • USDA
  • Borlaug Institute
  • Szent Istvan University of Hungary
  • US Military
  • Iraqi Police
  • Iraq Ministry of Agriculture
  • The Iraqi Customs
  • Imna Agribusiness Program.

Robert Hass, Move One’s previous county manager in Iraq, was delighted with the operation: ‘This was a tremendous team effort, to which the smooth movement flow and time line from off load at the BIAP to receiving hatcheries testifies. Both receiving hatcheries were highly pleased with the quality of the fish and impressed with our operation, as were the five Iraqi Minister of Agriculture veterinary representatives’.