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Move One owns and operates our own modern, secure warehouse facilities in nearly all our locations. Whether you are interested in storing household goods that you may wish to leave behind or you need a storage option for commercial property, Move One offers short-term or long-term options in private storage units within any of our warehouses. Because we own and operate these facilities, the access is strictly monitored and controlled giving an added level of security in the location where your goods will be stored.

Move One's Storage Advantages:

  • 24 hour Security Monitoring and Video Surveillance
  • Flexible Access Hours
  • Long-Term Storage Options
  • Short-Tem Storage Options
  • Storage PODS - so you can pack at your own location easily
  • Packing and Loading
  • Boxes and Packing Materials
  • Drive Up Access
  • Pest Free
  • Fire-Alarms and High Levels of Safety Precautions
  • Business Storage

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Services include:

  • Storage for Short-Term Needs
  • Storage for Long-Term Needs
  • Storage for Businesses

Whatever your need maybe, Move One has a cost-effective solution for you.

Customer Testimonials

Easy, Accessible and Secure Portable Storage

”The portable storage service lets you free up space at home. Move One self storage option definitely provides great value for money!”

- Saanvi Vyas

Timely Self Storage Solutions

”The awesome thing about Move One mobile storage is that you get to do things at your own pace, on your own time, at your convenience. No more rushing to meet schedules. ”

- Eva Maria Cano

Affordable Temporary storage solutions

”If you are looking for temporary storage solutions, I would definitely recommend Move One. I was impressed with their self storage units. Will definitely use Move One's portable storage again.”

- John Harper

Secure moving and storage company

”Our company imports goods from Dubai and other countries. Move One's self storage facilities help keep our goods in excellent condition. You guys are the best partner ever! ”

- Scott J. Hart

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