Move One was founded in 1992 and has expanded rapidly through its continued pursuit of new markets. Initially named AES Cargo, Move One was one of the first international logistics companies to operate out of Russia. Move One has the distinction of transporting the first shipment of armored blankets donated by the US government after the decommissioning of Russia’s nuclear arsenal.


In 1995, AES Cargo moved to Budapest, and Move One was born. The company sought to expand on the contacts it developed in Russia and broaden its product offerings to include not only logistics, but also the moving of household goods. This service was largely developed due to the number of multi-national companies and embassies moving or returning to Eastern Europe. Move One’s expert knowledge and experience was invaluable in assisting with the relocation of the first US Ambassador’s return to Bosnia. At the same time, Move One Logistics delivered the first minesweeping vehicle to Sarajevo airport thereby opening the country to the rest of the world.

From 1995 to 2000 Move One responded to the massive wave of development and investment into Eastern Europe; opening offices in all former Soviet countries, the Balkans, and the EAEC. In 1997 a further opportunity was identified. Many multi-national companies were expanding into the region with relocating staff from around the world; as a result Move One Relocations was born.

In 2001, Move One Logistics expanded into the Middle East and was the first international logistics company to operate in newly liberated Afghanistan. In 2003, Move One opened three offices in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and our logistics business has been growing in the region ever since. In 2010 our head office was moved from Budapest to Dubai to meet the logistics demands of the region and to expand our moving and relocation business within the Middle East.

Move One is currently expanding into East Africa, pushing the logistics boundaries by opening new markets and creating new opportunities. Our entrance into this market will enable our relocations and moving business to grow as it meets the demands of the new opportunities we helped to create.