why we are unique

Throughout our history we have specialized in being present and ‘on the ground’ in all emerging markets. As a result we have the expertise and skills to handle all ‘final mile’ logistics, no matter the challenge.

Whether your supplies or equipment fit into a box or not, most logistics companies will struggle getting them in and out of remote, disaster-stricken, or war-torn regions. For Move One Logistics it’s what we do all day, every day.

We succeed and thrive where others fail, especially in emerging markets, fast changing situations, and in areas where logistics information is often unavailable, out of date, unreliable or just non-existent.

We have the structure and systems that can handle rapid build ups and large projects with very little notice. We are often assigned large deployment projects from various military institutions, and are used by agencies handling emergency response for natural disasters or humanitarian aid.

Move One staff have a broad understanding of the challenges that arise from political instability, volatile security, poor transport infrastructure and lack of complete information that are common in these projects. Not only does our staff have the understanding, but vitally, they have the necessary experience and contacts for handling project logistics in unpredictable environments.

In order to handle the military and government contracts that we have – especially for the US Military and NATO – we have a high level of compliance, information management, and communication systems in place. We understand these requirements and have many years of experience, in many regions, working with customers both directly and indirectly.