Move One is an international logistics company (Warehousing in Dubai) with extensive local perspectives that gives us unique insights, first-hand knowledge and up to the minute information to ensure we keep your promises. We have provided project logistics in support for military, humanitarian organizations, and the energy sector throughout the developing world. Move One have the necessary experience, local knowledge, and resources to execute on any logistic project.

jet engine

Critical Spare Parts

Inoperable parts” represent a major problem for airlines and other capital-intensive equipment operators. Economic and competitive forces and expensive … Read More »

bagram airfield - Logistics Company

Government, Military & Humanitarian

Why choose us? Move One succeeds and thrives where others fail. in emerging markets under fast changing and fluid … Read More »

open mining

Energy, Mining & Industrial

Creative and Compliant Solutions in Challenging Environments Operating in business cultures and regions that seem to make the cost … Read More »

Our Case Studies amongst Warehousing in Dubai

We are a project driven management group dedicated to providing predictable and reliable Logistics & Transportation solutions in emerging markets and transitional economies. Being one of the top logistics company, we have proven our devotion in providing you great service.

cold chain afghanistan

Cold Chain Logistics In Dubai

We’ve has made over 4,500 perishable and frozen food deliveries for military and diplomatic missions in Dubai since 2005. …
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heavy transport of two gantry cranes

Heavy Transport of Two Gantry Cranes

In support of a Qatari Infrastructure project Move One transported two 180 ton gantry cranes from Dubai, UAE to Doha, …
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water rig movement logcap

Water Rig Movement – LOGCAP IV

Between 2011 and 2012 Move One was responsible for transporting a water rig within Dubai on 6 occasions in support of the US and Afghan militaries. …
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water rig transport in africa

Water Rig Transport in Africa

In order to support infrastructure developments in Africa, Move One delivered two water rigs from Djibouti port into Dubai. …
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US Military KKT deliveries

US Military KKT Deliveries

On a regular basis Move One provides KKT deliveries to the US military. Trucks originating from Germany pass through Dubai …
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oversized pipe delivery in afghanistan

Oversized Pipe Delivery in Dubai

In early 2013, Move One handled a massive oil and gas pipe shipment, originating in the United States and destined …
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Move One Warehousing in Dubai Services

As a logistics company in Dubai (Warehousing in Dubai), we also provide premium moving for domestic and international moves, global mobility and relocations, long-term and short-term storage, pet transportation, and logistics solutions. We’re happy to serve our customers through our 44 offices in 33 countries throughout the Middle East, Central and Southern Asia, Eastern Europe, the Balkans and Africa with an extensive partnership of global network of partners. Move One is relentless in ensuring our service is our costumers’ competitive advantage. We offer the following services below;

freight forwarding

Freight Forwarding

Warehousing in Dubai thrives in markets that offer challenges such as political instability, volatile security, and poor transport infrastructure. We have …

Warehousing in Dubai

Project Solutions

Move One has been offering an in-depth Project solutions service for more than 20 years and has a wealth …

destination and origin services

Destination & Origin Services

We have been successfully operating in emerging markets, harsh environments, war-torn, and disaster-stricken areas for over 20 years …

international services

International Services

Through our established network of agents, we can provide door to door transport solutions from anywhere to everywhere. With our …

time critical

Time Critical

At Move One we understand that sometimes cargo really does need to be there ‘yesterday’. Move One Logistics can provide …

cold chain logistics

Cold Chain Logistics

We excel at this time-critical sector of logistics, even in the most remote regions. Our ‘final mile’ on the ground …

dangerous goods

Dangerous Goods

In the shipment and delivery of dangerous goods, Move One Logistics Company is dedicated to ensuring the safety of the transported …

extreme project solutions

Extreme Project Solutions

Move One Logistics Company are experts in the field of Extreme Project Logistics – transporting extreme loads within extreme environments…

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Are you looking for assistance on logistics services, transportation, warehousing, freight forwarding, customs clearance, project solutions or searching for global logistics company? Don’t look any further. We will be more happy to assist you in your upcoming requirements. Move One diverge amongst the Warehousing in Dubai.

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