Military Working Dogs (MWD) in Afghanistan

Military Working Dogs in Afghanistan
Military Working Dogs in Afghanistan being loaded.

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Move One’s experienced Animal Transportation department is not only relocating family pets, but also providing comprehensive transportation services for security and military working dogs. The global demand for security dogs remains strong, particularly for specially trained munitions detection dogs and standard government security dogs. Many countries political unrest increased the number of police and private institutions using security dogs. The price of a working dog now averaging US$15,000.

Apart from the challenge of standard cargo and logistics projectstransportation of ‘live’ cargo such as military working dogs (MWD) demands exceptional skills, expertise and knowledge. Move One also specialised in the transportation of military working dogs. Military working dogs in Afghanistan is just one of the country that we deployed to support military field operations. We mainly deploy in war zones, safeguard military bases, embassies, and consulates. We have our offices in the Middle East, to include Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia.

Move One has earned a reputation in the region for specialising in the transportation of military working dogs (eg. MWD in Afghanistan). We also address the needs of the ‘rest-of-the-world’ as well. For example, our Pet Transportation Specialists have assisted the shipment of 26 detection dogs. They were shipped from the Mine Detecting Dog Center in South-East Europe to Azerbaijan, Lebanon, and Iraq. We also shipped a consignment of military working dogs in Afghanistan from Kabul to Herat. This demonstrates our capabilities of transporting within challenging environments such as Afghanistan and Iraq. Nearly fourteen years of in-country experience in both countries provides us with deep insight into their transportation conditions. This adds to our advantage over other carriers and forwarders in the same nature of business.

In September 2012, Move One again had the opportunity of handling transportation of 31 Military Working Dogs. These military working dog completed their service in Baghdad, Iraq and were shipped back to Houston, Texas. This involved a lengthy road trip with security and a flight from Erbil, Iraq to Dubai. Our team kept their ‘eyes-on’ our four-legged customers, from the time of pickup to airlift to Dubai.

Military working dogs (MWD) are ‘four-legged soldiers’

Their tasks in war zones are equally dangerous as those of soldiers. These powerful, agile and specially trained dogs risk their lives protecting military operations wherever they are needed. They are loyal companions, members of a military family, sharing good and bad with their human handlers.

The process of shipping these dogs represents a unique challenge. With its vast transportation experience of military working dogs in Afghanistan (MWD in Afghanistan) as well as regions in Iraq, to and from Middle East. Move One has developed the specific expertise, not only in the technical aspects of transportation, but also in handling and preparing these animals for shipment. Example, awareness in watering and feeding requirements as well as exercising and dog hygiene at transit points. In addition there is a host of medical and administrative documentation which allows the transfer of animals from origin to final destination. In short, each animal must be ‘fit’ to travel, but more importantly, qualified to travel based on origin export policies, and final destination requirements clearing the animal for a safe and legal entry.

Shipping preparations for Animals

When animals are shipped, it is mandatory that they travel in kennels fitting the size and weight requirements stipulated by IATA and the airline. Water and food supplies may accompany the consignment based on the customer’s requirements. As part of the pre-shipment preparation, it is necessary that staff handling the shipment, and especially transit of the dogs, are familiar with all technical and legal requirements for export and import of these animals. Dogs being transported to and from a country of deployment require the following documents as a minimum:

• Vaccination records of the dogs
• Health certificate from country of export
 Permission (OK-to-transit) at transit points
• Import permit – required for most countries

The demand for the security working animals escalates with the increasing security risks, both war zones and high political risk countries. To meet these needs, Move One has increased its service capacity by expanding its operations in the UAE including Sharjah and Abu Dhabi as import and export points. This will provide greater flexibility in handling inbound and outbound requirements.

Move One’s Animal Transportation department specialises in the transportation of military working dogs, service dogs, household pets and exotic animals. Please contact us at for a tailor-made quote or more information.