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Loading of Military Working Dogs : Iraq

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    An enormous group of over 30 military working dogs has been brought home to the States from Iraq. Move One has recently completed the large-scale and highly technical transportation of 31 Military Working Dogs Iraq (MWD Iraq). Transportation of these military dogs took place from Iraq to Houston, Texas. After serving number of years and completed their contracts, these extremely valuable animals were being rotated back home. Moving almost two tons of elite canine personnel, was completed in three days without a single delay or unforeseen obstacle.

    Transportation of Military Working Dogs Iraq (MWD IRaq)

    Deploying 32 MWDs with a variety of roles from providing security to the American Embassy to guarding front-line base camps, as well as invaluable work as IED (Improvised Explosive Device) sniffer dogs. Military Working Dogs Iraq (MWD Iraq) are typically given a rank higher than their human handlers. Furthermore these working dogs are treated the same as soldier in terms of administration. They have a contract time-in-service and upon their return home, just like their human comrades. When they retire, they can either go on to a civilian sector role.

    To ensure the safety and comfort of the dogs, the transportation was completed in three separate stages.

    1. On the first day, the animals were picked up from the Green Zone in Baghdad. And then they were driven to Erbil, using two air-conditioned vehicles. That night the team and the dogs rested in a compound with specially built temporary accommodation.
    2. The second day involved an immediate flight to Dubai from Erbil.
    3. The third day they awaited their final trip back to the States. As no airline that flies Dubai to Houston and able to accept such an enormous number of dogs at once. They were divided and dispatched into three waves, two of ten dogs and one of eleven, over the next 34 hours.

    These animals are more than familiar with extensive operations in hostile desert conditions and they were well taken care of. They were hydrated all the time, comfortably sheltered and exercised as the need and opportunity arose. The overall operation involved a large number of Move One animal transportation experts. Including four team members from Iraq office and two in Dubai, as well as four care takers and six handlers.

    Photos: Loading of Military Working Dogs Iraq (MWD Iraq)

    Commenting on this large and complex move, Curt Sharp, Move One’s Director of Pet Transportation Services, said that “Handling military dogs requires a highly advanced skill set and extensive experience. Move One has these capabilities and is trusted with these valuable animals by CentCom and Allied forces throughout Middle East. More than just technical ability, Move One has a deep appreciation for these animals, what they’ve been through and their eagerness to get back home.”

    Move One is a close partner in several global working animal projects, and a veteran of large scale MWD relocations. Move One’s Pet Transportation department specializes in the transportation of Military Working Dogs Iraq (MWD Iraq), household pets and exotic animals.

    For inquiries regarding internationally relocating your animal safely, sanely and legally or further information about our general pet relocation services. Please contact us at and one of our dedicated animal relocation agents will get back to you shortly with information, advice and a quote tailor-made to your needs.