As the largest foreign-owned freight forwarder in Afghanistan, Move One is proud to announce the successful extension of our aircraft handling contract on Bagram, Kandahar, and Kabul military airfields through 2025. Move One have a team of 50+ staff in Afghanistan who support the physical handling, download, and upload of up to 100 aircrafts per month across 3 stations. To support our physical operations structure we have a large experienced team of operations coordinators and administrative support staff in our back-offices in Northern Macedonia, the UAE, and India – making us capable of supporting large volumes of air cargo and surge requirements on a moment’s notice including all documentation, tracking, invoicing and communication requirements at all times.

We handle up to 8,000,000 kilos of cold chain product each month in Afghanistan as well as large volumes of vehicles and spare parts, communication equipment, UAVs and associated spare parts, aviation engines and parts, camp supplies, construction equipment, tactical cargo, etc..

Move One have now been operating in Afghanistan for 19 years and we look forward to forging on with many more years of supporting the International Community’s efforts to stabilize the country and to create the conditions for National prosperity.

Please reach out to discuss your upcoming requirements in Afghanistan and we will surely surpass your expectations.

Gregory Forgrave
Director – Government and Defense Logistics
+971 55 104 7415
Richard Tagg
Country Manager – Afghanistan
+93 700 274 374

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