Move One Relocation has always thrived in markets that offer challenges such as political instability, volatile security, poor transport infrastructure and currently we are working to mitigate service disruptions from novel coronavirus (COVID-19) which the World Health Organization has formally declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic.
With the situation in Move One’s locations, changing rapidly, we want to assure our partners and clients that Move One Relocations is actively monitoring updates from the World Health Organization, government, public health authorities and will continue to respond based on their best advice.
Work from home policy is in place
  • We have deployed emergency management protocols at all our global offices.
  • Local response teams and communications plans are in place.
  • We have an established work from home program and has been extended this to every employee in our company.
  • Move One IT Systems are structured for mobile working using secure VPN to be GDPR compliant.
Move One is navigating through this modern day problem using modern solution to allow ‘business as usual’ to the fullest extent possible. Link attached is the overview of our service possibility under each service category for all the Move One regions (click here).
Move One team understands that there will be some delays and we want to assure you that the safety and well-being of our clients is of paramount importance. Please be assured, Move One team is available to answer any question you may have or support you may need during this time.
We will work with you and assignees to help manage the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and to help determine whether any services must be delayed or revised to accommodate everyone’s safety. Thank you for having the trust in us.
For any further support or clarifications do feel free to contact us.
Anita Chandrapota
Destination and Immigration Services – Middle East
+971 55 104 7388
Laszlo Weiner
Destination Services – E. Europe, Balkans and CIS
+36 70 708 9927
Piotr Piekarowicz
Immigration Sevices – E. Europe, Balkans and CIS
+48 509 761 217

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