Moving and Relocating your Pet in Dubai



Many people consider their pets a member of the family. So, when relocating, a pet owner wants to make sure their pet has a safe journey with no complications. Moving a pet internationally can be a complicated and labor intensive process, depending on the countries involved in the move. Having an expert handle your pet’s relocation can relieve anxiety and help ensure your pet’s safe journey and successful entry into your new country. There can also be concerns about finding a veterinarian and specialty pet stores after your arrival. Move One relocation specialists are ready to answer any of your questions and make you and your pet’s move and transition a more pleasant one. Check out our new Expat Echo Dubai channel at:

Move One Pet Shipping Company has been relocating pets and animals around the world since 1995. Move One is an international company with offices in over 40 countries worldwide. Our pet shipping team are multi-lingual and understand the needs of every pet. They are very familiar with the breath of regulations particular to every animal, destination and airline.

Our team will ensure a smooth trip by coordinating the required veterinary visits, documentation, and preparatory steps prior to transport. If you require pet accommodation before or after travel we will happy recommend reputable pet hotels. Once we receive your inquiry one of our trained pet handlers will come to your home and carry out a free pet survey this will determine the right sized cage for your pet. All of our cages are stored at Move One’s local warehouses. Move One employs master carpenters who create custom-made wooden crates to your pets exact specifications. Or if you would prefer Move One has a variety of standard crates for many different sized animals.

Our skilled pet handlers will ensure a safe transport for your pet either from home to airport or airport to home. As part of the process they will also clear your pet through customs so he or she arrives safely to their new home. You can also offer a tailor made service to meet your individual requirements. Our Pet Shipping team is dedicated to ensuring your pets care and comfort throughout the whole journey. If you would like to contact the Move One Pet Shipping Company please email

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