Moving Options

We realize that not everybody’s needs are the same or even similar. For this reason, we have designed a wide range of moving options to fit every need and/or budget.

Shipping Options

Sea Freight

This is the most popular option for international moves that have a greater distance between the origin and destination.

Goods will be sent in either a 20′ or 40′ steel container. The contents can be loaded loosely or in wooden containers. Depending on the size of your shipment, budget and time, you have several options:

  • Full Container (FCL)
  • This option is the most popular for anyone who has a full household to move. The container will be dedicated to your belongings and be professionally packed by our team. When shipping a full container, you will pay a flat fee amount for the shipment (only the shipping portion and not the loading, unloading, inspections, customs fees, etc.) of the container from point A to point B regardless of the amount of personal belongings which are shipped in the container. Whether you fill the container only half way or 100% the shipping cost will remain the same.

  • Less than Container (LCL) and Groupage
  • Ideal for shipping smaller shipments where you share the container with other shippers and pay only for the space you utilize. Goods will be crated and special attention given to make sure your shipment will remain intact and separated from the other shipments within the same container. The biggest benefit of this type of moving option is the transportation savings. The cost will be split between all parties. However, if your trying to get your belongings to their final destination quickly, this may not be the best option as this often takes more time to coordinate efficiently.

Groupage to / from the USA

Beginning in mid-2016, Move One will be offering a special Groupage Service to/from the USA. This will be a regular service with pre-set departure dates. All goods that will be grouped into the container will be carefully packed and crated separately to ensure they safely arrive at the final destination without getting misplaced. This service will be available to/from any postal code in the United States and to/from any Move One office.

Air Freight

This option maybe best for you if you have a small, urgent shipment. This normally is the fastest delivery option, however, it is also the most costly.

Road Transport

Transit by road is ideal for moving within a region. There is less handling involved and is a better option if you prefer handling most or all of the packing yourself.

Extra charges that may incur on international shipments

Most countries consider personal effects or moving shipments as a security risk. This is the reason that most, if not all, goods will undergo some form of security check ranging from a simple x-ray to a full security inspection. As this type of inspection cannot be anticipated or preplanned, your moving quotation(s) will never include a cost for any security check (not even the minimum x-ray). Once the inspection is finalized your Move Coordinator will notify you of the exact costs and unless you have a credit account with Move One these fees will need to be paid to Move One on our partners prior to delivery of your goods.