In the absence of stable internet/data connections to any endpoint of your location, Move One offers an offline video survey wherein customers can take pictures, shoot a videos or upload both to our secure cloud storage.

You can process your offline video survey at any time, whether it is during the weekend or after work. This will help you to avoid taking time off work to arrange your pre move survey.

Offline Video Survey process:

  • Get in touch with us!
  • One of our Customer Care team will guide you before shooting a video and/or taking pictures
  • Record all the items you wish to move thoroughly and detailed as possible
  • Submit your photos and/or videos
  • Wait for your free quote and price estimate of your move


  • Show the insides of closets, cupboards, etc. Knowing how much is inside of a cabinet or storage area can help insure we’re accurate with box counts.
  • Feel free to narrate your videos. This can help identify pieces that need special care or even items that aren’t going.
  • Be sure to point out any items that were assembled inside the room that will need to be taken apart to remove.
  • Show us the outside access to the residence and even the path you envision the movers walking to the truck.

How easy is the Offline Video Survey?

This works on any smart phone, tablet or laptop computer.

Step 1

Fill up the details

Step 2

Take, Shoot or Upload

Step 3