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Booking a Video Survey

You can schedule your online video survey at a time that is suitable for you, whether it is during the weekend or after work. This will help you to avoid taking time off work to arrange your pre move survey.

A video survey could be easier to do

  • The video survey will works on any smart phone or tablet
  • Our customer service team will send you a link invitation via email
  • Downloading the Cisco WebEx app is as simple as one click away

Your smart phone will become the eyes of our surveyor

By pointing your smart phone or tablet at the items you would like to move, your surveyor will talk you through the whole process and ask questions as you go through your video survey.

Here are some FAQs about our online video survey

The video survey is a simple and convenient way to show us all the items and furniture you would like to move, so we can estimate the volume and correctly price the moving service for you.

Internet *

  • 3G connection or better
  • WiFi connection or better


  • Android or IOS smartphone/tablet


  • Cisco WebEx application

* WiFi and 3G signals should be excellent to any endpoint of your location. If the signal is poor, lost of transmission/communication will occur.

Our dates and times are flexible. Book now to check our availability.

This will depends on the size of your move. Usually it takes around 15 to 30 minutes or an hour.

Online video survey requires stable internet connectivity whether it is data or wifi mode. Other options is we can offer an offline video survey wherein customers can upload their videos and/or images to our secure cloud storage. To know how offline video survey works, click here