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Move One owns and operates our own modern, secure warehouse facilities in nearly all our locations. Whether you are interested in storing household goods that you may wish to leave behind or you need a storage option for commercial property, Move One offers short-term or long-term options in private storage units within any of our warehouses. Because we own and operate these facilities, the access is strictly monitored and controlled giving an added level of security in the location where your goods will be stored.

Move One's Storage Advantages:

  • 24 hour Security Monitoring and Video Surveillance
  • Flexible Access Hours
  • Long-Term Storage Options
  • Short-Tem Storage Options
  • Mobile Storage PODS - so you can pack at your own location easily
  • Packing and Loading
  • Boxes and Packing Materials
  • Drive Up Access
  • Pest Free
  • Fire-Alarms and High Levels of Safety Precautions
  • Business Storage

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Services include:

  • Storage for Short-Term Needs
  • Storage for Long-Term Needs
  • Storage for Businesses

Whatever your need maybe, Move One has a cost-effective solution for you.

Customer Testimonials

Best amongst the list of all storage companies in Dubai

”I’ve suddenly needed a storage vault as our family recently downsized and there are items that didn’t fit into our new home but I did not want to sell. I contacted Move One and found reasonably priced self storage. Their team made it so easy and came and collected my items for storage at a time convenient for me. The team are so professional and I feel confident with my heirlooms being in storage in Move One’s clean and secure warehouse.”

- Surabhi Yadav

Affordable and very convenient mobile storage solutions

”Their storage service is absolutely amazing! Instead of going to a warehouse on a hot day, they bring temporary storage solutions straight to my door!”

- DCharlotte Page

One of the most cooperative storage companies out there

”The only company I’ve worked with that genuinely has their customer’s well-being in mind in terms of their temporary storage solutions. They walked me through everything, from start to finish. 5-star storage service! ”

- Russell Harper

The perfect choice for household goods storage

”I’ve recently needed to clear out an office in our home in order to use it for a short-term bedroom for my mother. I realized I needed a short term storage solution for the office furniture, files and other items that were kept in this room. Move One came in and gave me a perfect solution with their portable storage service!”

- Grace Taylor

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