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You Pack – We Ship

Looking for a more cost-effective solution to your upcoming local or international move?

Move One has created a more affordable solution for you. So, if you are organized, strong and fit then self packing may suit your requirements. Whether you are shipping the entire contents of your home or just a few boxes, this service can be tailor-made to suit your budget.

1. We allow you to control your own quotation

Choose the help you need from Move One. To save on the total cost of your upcoming move, you can pack or unpack your own household goods and personal effects. First, we will send out a surveyor to assess the details of your move. This is not only a way of costing out your move, but also will help identify what may need extra special care and handling.

Once you have your quotation, you can decide on the best ways of lowering your cost by packing yourself or unpacking yourself. If you only want to pay for the packing of speciality items, this too is an option. Our goal is to help you with the process and remain within your budget.

2. Size and quantity is no problem

Maybe you have only a few boxes or you have purchased a new piece of furniture or you have recently acquired a family heirloom that you would like to ship over, Move One has the capability to ship anything, any size, anywhere. From local shipping to more complex international shipping, we have a solution that can be tailor made for you.

3. Dedicated Move Coordinators

No matter how large or small your shipment is, we appreciate it’s personal value and importance to you. Our Move Coordinators will spend time understanding your needs and requirements and clearly presenting solutions to you. We will advise on the transportation options, book appropriate shipping containers (for international moves), prepare the necessary paperwork, advise on items requiring special packing attention and arrange the delivery to your specified destination.

Your dedicated Move Coordinator will communicate with you throughout the entire process, no matter where your shipment is going to or coming from. We take pride in our personalized approach with the objective of making your moving experience less stressful and more efficient.

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