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By Move One
July 13, 2015

1. Personal documents change have to be reported within 7 days

New regulations about the responsibility of foreign citizens and their employers came into force on 29.06.2015. These regulations oblige, in the case of personal documents change (passport) to submit application for modification of such  documents (work permit, patent, visa) within 7 days upon entering Russia with new documents. If the new passport was received in Russia, the application for permissive documents modification has to be submitted with 7 days after issuance of new passport.

By legal published act  the  government also specified that in the case of a job position change, work permits have to be modified. Despite the fact the time frame for modification of a work permit in such cases is not set, it is highly recommended to proceed with modifications of work permit before the foreign citizen starts employment under a new job position.

Violation of immigration legislation can lead to fines for foreign citizen and the company and deportation of foreign citizen from Russia and not allowing a company to apply for HQP work permits for their employees for period of time up to 2 years.

2.  Notification forms to the FMS have been changed.

Starting 12.03.2015 according to the FMS Order №149, the following notifications must be submitted to the Federal Migration Service under the new form:

- notificaitons upon salary for HQP specialists (submitted each quarter);

- notificaiton upon dismissal of foreign employee,

- notificaiton upon signing of Work Contract.

3. Notification to FMS can be sent via Post Office.

According to recent changes as per the FMS Order #149 from 12.03.2015, the following notifications can be sent to the relevant migration authority via Post Office or can be submitted to the FMS directly:

- notificaitons upon salary for HQP specialists (submitted each quarter);

- notificaiton upon dismissal of foreign employee,

- notificaiton upon signing of Work Contract.

4. Invitation Letter for business visa, to Russian obtained via the FMS can be issued in electronic format.

According to recent changes in the FMS procedures, business invitation letters can be issued electronically and sent to the applicant by email.  In spite of the fact that the procedure of obtaining electronic invitation was stated in the law earlier (FMS Order №390 dated 30.11.2012) there were difficulties in the applying it by the authorities, however from 27.04.2015 the FMS started issuance of electronic invitations. The procedure is the same as for ordinary invitation (on FMS blank), but the e-mail address, where the electronic version of invitation is to be sent, must be indicated in the application.When foreign a visitor gets such confirmation, he should print is out and add to the application, submitted for the Russian business visa in the consulate. Please note, that transferee can obtain his visa only in the city that was mentioned in application form for Invitation Letter.

5. Foreign visitors to Vladivostok will be able to receive short-term visa upon arrival to the city.

According to the Government meetings from 04.06.2015 Mr Medvedev announced that a simplified visa regime will be introduced to foreign businessmen and investors. As per the Law-in-draft dated 30.04.2015 regarding “the modifications to the Russian legislation due to the providing Vladivostok city with the status of free port” foreign nationals coming to Vladivostok will be issued with the short-term visa upon arrival in Vladivostok with the maximum validity of up to 8 days. Terms are being considered by the government and expected to come into force in the beginning 2016.

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