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Move One moving companyMoving Company in Kuwait | Moving Companies in Kuwait | International Movers in Kuwait | Pet Shipping in Kuwait | Cost of Living in Kuwait | Moving to Kuwait in Kuwait announced that after many years of working with partners in Kuwait, Move One received its independent license to operate in the Kingdom of Kuwait. As a moving company in Kuwait, Move One can offer Relocation, Moving and Logistics Solutions. Amongst the moving companies in Kuwait, Move One has the expertise to give you not only a quality of service but also great satisfaction. Kuwait is now also home to the latest Move One office.

Kuwait culture mainly revolves around its religion and when it comes to development aid, the country is one of the largest contributors, both in term of volume and ratio to GDP. The majority of Kuwait’s aid typically goes to less fortunate Islamic countries or Islamic communities in non-Islamic countries.

Services Provided amongst Moving Companies in Kuwait | Moving Company in Kuwait

There may be other moving companies in Kuwait but Move One’s relocation (moving company in Kuwait) services include city orientation, home, and school searches as well as door to door moving services worldwide and cover packing of personal effects, warehousing, pet shipping and fine art shipping. For logistics, Move One Logistics (moving company in Kuwait) can offer its full-service offering of air and ocean freight handling and domestic distribution.

Curt Clements, Move One’s CEO is confident the company’s expansion in the region would continue: ‘We will continue to grow throughout the Middle East, and elsewhere. We are winning contracts here, in Afghanistan and Central Asia, which means that our clients appreciate our solid local experience and hard work. I can safely predict more expansion from here.’

Move One international Movers in Kuwait | Moving Company in Kuwait

One of the only international movers in Kuwait (moving company in Kuwait) Move One holds the following ISO accreditations:

  •  Quality Management System – ISO 9001
  •  Environmental Management System – ISO 14001
  •  Health and Safety Management System – ISO 18001

Move One International Movers in Kuwait | moving company in Kuwait is also a leading moving and relocation expert in the Middle East, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Balkans, and Africa. As an International Movers in Kuwait |Moving Company in Kuwait, we are a licensed and insured moving company that offers local and international moving and relocation services for corporate, residential as well as commercial clients.

Move One maintains the fully equipped fleet and modern trucks to provide smooth shipping and transition of your goods. With our expertise, Move One International Movers in Kuwait | Moving Company in Kuwait offers a number of essential services, including logistics, pet shipping, as well as storage.

Pet Shipping in Kuwait with Move One

Moving Company in Kuwait | Moving Companies in Kuwait | International Movers in Kuwait | Pet Shipping in Kuwait | Cost of Living in Kuwait | Moving to KuwaitMoving to Kuwait with your pet can be a hassle if you are not familiar with the complex rules and regulations governing the transportation of animals. Move One recommended that you use a professional pet shipping service to avoid the many problems that can arise by mishandling the transit.

Pet shipping in Kuwait with Move One, is providing top-notch pet shipping services and tell clients on our many locations on the requirements needed to import or export their beloved pet. Move One profile a country every month to make your relocation a hassle-free as possible, as well as also providing an in-depth look at pet relocation issues, which could pose problems for expats.

Move One Pet Shippers in Kuwait

Our pet shippers in Kuwait provide concrete proof of a positive and successful history of pet shipping in Kuwait. Move One pet shippers agree to our best practices guidelines for pet relocation. Our pet shipping in Kuwait team speaks to each pet shipper about these guidelines. This is to make sure that they follow and hold accountable if any complications arise. Furthermore, Move One has over 24 years of experience dealing with pet shipping in Kuwait.

Pre-requisite when Moving to Kuwait

Moving to Kuwait is not like any other international move, the strict and proper documents formalities have been often found to be difficult to follow; luckily, Move One’s international movers in Kuwait (moving company in Kuwait) is an expert on the matter and most of all we are here to assist as well as giving you a quality of service.

Kuwaitis take their religion very seriously. The country is in control of by Sharia law, and Islam is closely interwoven with daily life. It is essential that the expat first becomes familiar with Islamic customs and also the laws when preparing to move to the Kingdom to avoid transgression and the consequences thereof.

When moving to Kuwait there are some things you should be aware of. Besides having all your proper paperwork ready, which can be a hassle in itself, there are a lot of prohibited items that could cause trouble if you try to bring them into the country. Hence, here is a list of items that are not allowed inside the Kingdom.

Prohibited Items

  • Gambling Games (including your favorite childhood Monopoly, etc.)
  • Animal Skins
  • Stuffed Animals (not toys)
  • Military Uniforms
  • Firearms
  • Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products
  • Radio Transmitter
  • Pornographic Material
  • Any food containing alcohol or pork
  • Any books pertaining to religion other than Islam

These are just some general items that are usually confiscated when entering and moving to Kuwait. When importing such things as antiques, furniture, paintings and musical instruments, proper documentation and declaring these items prior to entering the country is a must. If you would like to bring along your family pet when relocating to Kuwait, a valid vaccination card, health certificate of the pet, import certificate and must present a copy of the owners’ passport to customs officials. You can import vehicles to Kuwait as long as they are not more than five years old moreover customs duty on all vehicles is applicable and it is five percent of its value.

Used personal effects belonging to expatriates moving to Kuwait for or arriving the first time to reside in the country are not liable to customs duties provided that they are of the personal nature.

Move One Logistics Company in Kuwait | Logistics Companies in Kuwait

Logistics Company in Kuwait: Move One is an international logistics company with extensive local perspectives that gives us unique insights, first-hand knowledge as well as up to the minute information to ensure we keep your promises. We have provided logistics projects in support for the military, humanitarian organizations, as well as the energy sector throughout the developing world. Move One have the necessary experience, local knowledge, and resources to execute on any logistic project.

We are a project driven management group dedicated to providing predictable and reliable Logistics and Transportation solutions in emerging markets and as well as transitional economies. Being one of the top logistics company in Kuwait, we have proven our devotion in providing you great service.

Move One: Military Logistics in Kuwait | Moving Company in Kuwait

Move One Logistics | Moving Company in Kuwait have been active in providing military logistics services in Kuwait and military cargo in Kuwait. Aside from providing services in Kuwait, we even have services throughout the country, the company has all the necessary resources and experience to handle even the most challenging logistical requirement in the region. Move One logistics in Kuwait is currently located in Kuwait City. Our extensive local knowledge has helped build a successful track record in delivering everything from small shipments to heavy and over-sized cargo for customers in various business sectors, including military, diplomatic, oil and gas industry and civil reconstruction projects.

Move One Logistics (Moving Company in Kuwait) have staff that has been instrumental in the gradual drawdown of the base, preparing it for transition, and re-tasking the local supply networks to focus on international civilian logistics and reconstruction.

Shipping to Kuwait | Ship to Kuwait

Move One is shipping to Kuwait (ship to Kuwait) and we have the experience and resources necessary to handle any logistical requirement in the region. Our services range from secure convoys, warehousing and online shipment tracking to air, sea, road and rail services. With these wide ranges of service, shipping to Kuwait (ship to Kuwait) with Move One moving company in Kuwait will always be of a guaranteed quality of service. We also do purchase order management, which ultimately allows us to attend to all of our customers’ needs. Our desire is to become the premier global freight forwarder operating in the world’s most remote and challenging regions.

Move One: Freight Forwarder in Kuwait | Freight Forwarding Companies in Kuwait

Move One thrives in markets that offer challenges such as political instability, volatile security, as well as poor transport infrastructure. We are successfully operating in emerging markets, harsh environments, war-torn, not to mention disaster struck areas for over 20 years. We have teams and facilities on the ground in countries such as Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait (click here for a full list of locations) ready to handle your freight forwarding, no matter when and where. Move One has been providing freight forwarding in Kuwait for over two decades.

While some of our competitors can provide wholly-owned forms of freight forwarding by sea, road, or air, at Move One as the freight forwarder in Kuwait, we have the flexibility to source the best solution for you to ensure your freight reaches its destination as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Move One: Trucking Company in Kuwait | Trucking Companies in Kuwait

There are many trucking companies in Kuwait but with this location, Move One now can reach the rural areas of Kuwait Region. As a trucking company in Kuwait, our facilities in this country are more than qualified to handle any logistical needs. Ian Caron, Move One Logistics’ Regional Manager for the Middle East is always excited in providing trucking services in Kuwait, ‘ This is a great location (Kuwait) to have one of our offices, it gives us the capability to better serve the needs of our customers in an efficient and timely manner’.

Move One Logistics′ mission is simple: to be the premier global freight forwarder operating in the world′s most remote and challenging regions. Provide the quality of service when it comes to trucking, shipping, and transportation. As a trucking company in Kuwait, Move One is dedicating to meet the logistics needs of our customers by providing reliable and professional air, land and sea transportation services.

Move One: Shipping Company in Kuwait | Shipping Companies in Kuwait

A shipping company in Kuwait: Move One has office and warehouses in Kuwait. We offer a range of project freight services, including customs brokerage, local national armed escort, domestic fixed as well as rotary wing charters. HAZMAT handling and delivery are also offered. In addition, Move One specializes in Tax Exemption Protocol Processes for Kuwait. Among other shipping companies in Kuwait, we are one of the most accomplished customs clearance brokers with the fastest service for Armored Vehicle and Restricted Items clearance.

Our staff in Kuwait consist of experienced individuals from around the world in addition to that we have various offices and operations facilities in central Middle East countries to facilitate transit clearance and other operations in the whole region. Move One is the exclusive UPS agent for Afghanistan and Iraq as well.


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Business Etiquette Tips in Kuwait

You can look forward to this feature detailing business etiquette standards in Move One countries.

Let’s take a look at a couple of business etiquette tips from Kuwait.

  1. Since Kuwaitis prefer to do business with people they have a personal relationship with, they spend a great deal of time on the getting-to-know-you process. Business discussions happens once an atmosphere of trust and friendship is establish.
  2. You must be patient since impatience shows criticism of the culture.
  3. Kuwaitis judge on appearances, so make sure you dress and present yourself well. They also respect education, so carefully mention if you have an advanced degree, especially if it is from a prestigious university.
  4. Kuwaitis are event – rather than time-driven. The event of getting together is more important than the timeliness of the meeting or the outcome.
  5. Try to schedule meetings in the morning when meeting with government officials, since they’re restricted to a 6-hour day, otherwise, businessmen prefer to meet in the early evening.
  6. Bear in mind that meetings gets interrupted if they interfere with prayer times.
  7. Kuwait is a hierarchical society.There are many companies driven around the family. Decisions usually come from the top after determining a consensus of the various stakeholders. If you change the lead negotiator, negotiations will need to start over.
  8. Kuwaitis are shrewd negotiators who are especially interested in price. However, do not use high-pressure sales tactics.

Medical Care in Kuwait

The quality of medical health care in Kuwait is very high and believed to be equal to that of the USA or Western Europe. However, specialized treatments have not reached that same level yet; therefore it is sometimes necessary to seek deleted specialized medical services outside of Kuwait. One of the advantages of the Kuwait health system is that there are almost no waiting lists. This is primarily due to Kuwait’s small population and the numerous medical facilities in the private and public sectors.

The medical staff, in hospitals and clinics, are both foreign and local; foreign doctors gets attracted by excellent financial benefits. Although Kuwait’s hospitals are not internationally accredited, in its 2006 report, the WHO listed Kuwait as one of the countries with a health care system comparable to average European standards.

Kuwaiti’s are well provided with free healthcare at public hospitals and clinics. However, foreigners in Kuwait must obtain health insurance from the government run scheme, or through a local healthcare system provider. Expatriates receiving services at public medical facilities are oblige to make additional payments towards medical costs. The state insurance scheme, which is compulsory, does not cover private treatment or repatriation costs.

Cultural Tips of Kuwait

  • When stepping into the house, take off your shoes, but make sure they are not left upside-down
  • Wearing jewelry if it’s broken or missing a stone brings bad luck
  • Snapping scissors without cutting anything is bad luck
  • Wearing a white ribbon will make your hair grow quickly because it drives away bad spirits
  • A pregnant woman should not look at the moon, as that might cause her to lose the baby
  • Don’t cut your baby’s nails for forty days after birth. Belief is if you do, they will grow up to be thieves
  • When a woman wears her dress inside out, she will get a divorce
  • If by accident, a woman finds two spoons on her plate, she will marry twice
  • In an event a woman is sitting next to someone who is cleaning rice and some of the rice husks fall on her, she will marry an old man
  • If on her wedding day, the bride meets someone who has just come from the cemetery, she will be barren


Cost of Living in Kuwait

Kuwait City is currently ranked 222 overall out of 300, on a list of the most expensive places in the world for expatriates to live. The overall cost of living in Kuwait, for the average western expatriate, is almost equal to that in most European countries. Still, the general lack of taxation has an important impact on the cost of certain items, such as cars. Nevertheless, accommodation cost is high, as well as the cost of certain imported food items. International brands of household items are somewhat expensive, but there is a range of regionally produced alternatives of equal quality. Any local product is quite affordable.

Product Price Local currency
($ USD) (Kuwaiti Dinar)
Meal for 2, Inexpensive Restaurant $11,02 3 KD
Meal for 2, Mid-range Restaurant $66,09 18 KD
McDonald’s BigMac $7,34 2 KD
Medium Latte @ Starbucks/Costa $7,34 2 KD
Fresh Milk (1 liter) $3,30 .900 Fils
Eggs (Dozen) $2,20 .600 Fils
Sugar (1 kg) $2,02 .550 Fils
Tomatoes (1 kg) $1,84 .500 Fils
Chciken filet (1 kg) $4,41 1,2 KD
Apples (1 kg) $2,39 .650 Fils
Evian Water (1.5 liter bottle) $0,73 .200 Fils
Pack of Marlboro Red $2,20 .600 Fils
Snickers Bar $0,92 .250 Fils
Lipton Tea (25 bag box) $2,39 .650 Fils
One-way Ticket (local transport) $18,36 5 KD
Monthly Transport Pass $73,43 20 KD
Taxi (5km, downtown) $5,51 1,5KD
Gasoline (1 gallon) $0,73 .200 Fills
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult $128,51 35 KD
Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat $14,69 4 KD
Male Haircut $14,69 4 KD
Female Haircut $73,43 20 KD
Pair of Men’s Levis 501 $66,09 18 KD
CoverGirl Lipstick $73,43 20 KD
Old Spice Deoderant (stick, 2.25 oz) $5,51 1,5 KD
Manicure $14,69 4 KD
Pedicure $14,69 4 KD
Household Goods
Palmolive Soap (Bar, 80g) $3,67 1 KD
Colgate Toothpaste (reg. tube) $3,67 1 KD
Johnsons Baby Shampoo (15 oz.) $7,34 2 KD
Tide Detergent (Powder, 33 oz.) $7,34 2 KD
4 x Duracell ‘AA’ Bateries $3,67 1 KD
Windex Window Cleaner (32 oz) $7,34 2 KD

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