In today's lean business environment, most companies do not have the luxury of an in-house, dedicated mobility team available to assist their international employees with all their needs during each and every new international assignment.

The vast majority of corporations today outsource their mobility needs. Move One is the perfect fit for handling and supporting all aspects of a company's mobile workforce while remaining within the defined budget. The relocation process has become more specialized and complex over the years and even move of a challenge for busy HR professionals to juggle in-house.

Move One's mission is to ensure that the management of your international employee mobility is predictable and dependable so your employee(s) can start their new assignment with the minimum amount of disruption.

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With a global headquarter office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and more than 39 offices in 31 countries throughout the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Balkans, no one is better positioned in these areas to support your international employees in these complex environments. Our long-term work experience and presence in these locations has gained us the right resources, knowledge, teams and understanding to ensure you are given the most efficient solutions in order to properly care for your top talent while remaining on budget. Whether applying for work visas in Saudi Arabia, providing home-finding services in Romania or handling immigration services in Poland, we have on-the-ground professional teams abreast of the developing - and often unpredictable - rulse and regulations.

As a strategic partner to UniGroup - and most other global mobility providers - we can ensure we have the ability and flexibility to support your staff in almost any location.

Move One successfully handled and processed more than 5,000 applications for work and residence permits last year alone. Our relocation professionals constantly monitor regulatory changes and have the experience necessary to create efficient solutions for your employees. We work alongside you in order to provide the most seamless service while arranging all the ncessary appointments and formalities required. Most of our workload consists of complex cases and our professionals are skilled at creating solutions in difficult jurisdictions. As countries move to further create a localized workforce and minimize the expatriate population, we can help you navigate these challenges to enhance your changes of success.

By outsourcing time-consuming tasks to Move One, we allow your staff the time to focus on their core activities and reduce the needs to utilize expensive legal council, avoid unnecessary costs of failed relocations and save valuable time.

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One of our key services is to assist your staff in finding the right home for their needs and budget during their international assignment. We will ensure they overcome the many pitfalls and complications that can await international assignees arriving in their new host city, especially when they only have a limited time to make that important decision.

Move One's aim is to:

  • Set up property viewings in accordance with the company policies and individual needs.
  • Ensure your employee(s) is looking in the right area.
  • Accompany the employee on viewings.
  • Only view properties in accordance with company budget.
  • Utilize a pre-approval lease in your employee's favor.
  • Understand and structure the security deposit and other necessary deposits to ensure they are returned upon lease termination or expiration.
  • Vet all leasing representatives to ensure they are the rightful owner and/or have permission to rent out the viewed properties.
  • Ensure no outstanding tax, leans, community fees are connected to the property that would limit your employee to full use of property or facilities.
  • Facilitate the preparation and signature of an appropriate, legal lease.
  • Execute and manage the lease during the entire assignment / lease period.
  • Assist with the appropriate connection of any and all utilities.

The #1 reason for failed assignments in the Middle East is due to the dissatisfaction with housing choices.

Moving to a foreign location is a difficult decision and often a stressful experience - especially if not well planned out. Whether you and your staff are seasoned expatriates with the experience of several international moves throughout your careers or this is your first international assignment, Move One can make the process easier.

Meticulous planning and preparation are key to ensure a smooth and trouble-free international move. In addition to transporting your personal belongings or commercial goods, Move One can even handle relocating your family pets or the shipment of your vehicle(s).

With more than 25 years experience in planning and carrying out moves, we have the right teams, processes and skills to meet the most demanding requirements.

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When it is time for the next assignment or move, Move One will quickly integrate with your HR team and employee to ensure all responsibilities and obligations are properly handled. Moving house is a time consuming process, involving a multitude of administrative tasks. With Move One, we will assist with the termination of the lease in order for the smoothest process. Our thorough inventory checks ensure that the tenant, your employee, is not held liable for erroneous dilapidation claims and can retain as much of the deposit as possible.

Some examples of what our extensive service covers:

  • Review and advice on lease termination obligations.
  • Inform the employee and your representative on the process and cost implementations.
  • Liaise with the tenant and landlord and provide the employee with departure details and process for proper closure.
  • Disconnection of utilities, TV, etc.
  • Closing all temporary guarantees and import bonds.
  • Coordination of 3rd party services and assist with booking appointments (i.e. painters, gardeners, carpenters, etc.) to help minimize any potential damage costs.
  • Negotiate with the landlord and arrange for the return of the deposit.
  • Negotiate with the landlord any overpaid rent, if applicable.
  • Closing out work and residence permits.
  • Re-export of personal effects and vehicles.

A proper end-to-end relocation support program is critical for any international assignment to ensure neither the employee or company are faced with any unplanned or harmful tax or legal exposure.

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One of the best relocation companies in Dubai

”We picked the relocation experts out of a pool of companies, to help our clients with our relocation to Dubai services in Dubai. Their company took care of everything, from immigration to Visa processing in Dubai, for a smooth transition. Commendable relocation services!”

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- Eliana Arnautu

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