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Many things influence the cost of living around the world. The cost of living can change due to many factors like currency fluctuations, inflation, political instability or natural disasters. The resulting currency instability and the impact of inflation on goods and services impacted the cost of living Dubai.

2011: Mercer has published a survey on the cost of living Dubai and 214 cities across five continents. It measures the comparative cost of more than 200 items in each location, including housing, transport, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment.

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    They design the survey to provide information to multinational companies and governments. So they can better determine the necessary compensation allowances for their expatriate employees. As for the ranking itself, New York was the base city and compared all other locations against it. It measured the Currency fluctuations against the US dollar.

    According to the latest Mercer report, the most expensive city for expatriates is Luanda in Angola. Tokyo is in the second place, followed by N’Djamena in Chad in third place.

    Other countries Cost of Living | Cost of Living Dubai

    As for the European cities, Moscow holds the fourth position and the title of “Most Expensive European city”. It is, however, followed by Geneva in fifth place and Zurich in seventh. Copenhagen seems to be getting cheaper, as it dropped from tenth to 17th place. Right after Copenhagen comes London (18) followed by Milan (25) and Paris (27) which seem to be more attractive for living now that they have dropped 10 places comparing to last year.

    Among cities in the Middle East, Tel Aviv (24) continues to be the most expensive one. Abu Dhabi dropped from 17th to 67th place, and Dubai is currently ranked 81st compared to last year’s 26th position. One of the reasons is the decrease in rental fees across the Middle East region.

    In Asia, the most expensive city is Tokyo, also holding the second position worldwide. It is followed by Osaka (6) and Singapore (8). Hong Kong is in the ninth position, and Seoul dropped five places comparing to last year.
    New Delhi (85) is India’s most expensive city. Jakarta ranks 69, Hanoi 136, Bangkok 88 and Kuala Lumpur 104. The least expensive city in the region, and in the world, is Karachi ranked 214.

    New York City (32) is the most expensive city in the United States, compared to Los Angeles (77) and Chicago (108).

    To see the ranks of other world cities, visit Mercer web site and the latest cost of living Dubai survey.

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    By working in close coordination with your human resources department, Move One Relocations simplifies the relocation of both inbound and outbound employees – all through a single point of contact.

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    For over the decade, Move One specialized in providing fully integrated relocation solutions for companies and their international assignees. Our extensive network of global offices allows us to manage every aspect of an employee’s relocation, all through a single-point of contact. At Move One Relocations, we are proud of our continued commitment to making the relocation process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

    What set us apart from other Relocations Services:

    • global on-the-ground presence
    • years of experience and knowledge
    • extensive network of wide area of geolocated offices
    • managed by expatriates who understand the challenges involved
    • multilingual relocation coordinators
    • commitment to service innovation

    International Relocations

    We were the first to introduce online city guides for our major destination cities, giving expats vital on-the-ground insight before they even set foot in their new home. We also make a point of supporting local expat groups and schools with sponsorship. And practical assistance as part of a commitment to the local expatriate communities where we operate.

    Innovative and Diverse Team

    Move One Relocations is an innovative, culturally diverse global moving relocations company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Move One has over 20 years experience operating in over forty countries globally.

    Please watch this video to learn more about the Relocations department at Move One.

    Move One Relocations has an innovative, young and energetic service oriented team.

    Move One Relocations Commitment

    In 2008, Move One implemented a Quality Management Program, which governs all areas of operations from hiring and training, to service provision, to customer feedback and invoicing. At the core of this program is our commitment to continual improvement of our staff as individuals and of our organization as a whole. After implementing this Management Program, Move One received the EuRA Quality Seal Award by the independent German auditing firm DQS. This award is a rigorous quality certification designed exclusively for relocation service providers. And Move One was proud to be among the first 12 companies certified worldwide.

    What we tell our clients

    Relocating as expat is never easy, as you will inevitably have to leave behind precious keepsakes. Therefore, when moving for an international assignment, it is always important to ensure that you are prepared with all of your necessary belongings.

    When packing for your big move, keep the following question in mind: What do I really need to bring? An obvious answer would be a passport, travel papers, any required visas and other important documentation. To continue many assignees opt to move only their necessities with them to alleviate the burden of hauling large loads.

    Custom Policies

    It is important to note that while some countries are more relaxed in their customs policies, there are a few staple items that are not permitted across any border, regardless of the country. These general items include:

    • any form of ammunition, including bullets, gun powder and so forth
    • weapons of any kind (without having a license), including swords, knives, guns and the like
    • animal trophies, including mounted heads and stuffed bodies

    The Middle East has arguably the strictest barriers to entry for foreign items, with specific bans placed on different things. For example, if you are planning to relocate to the UAE, don’t expect your traditional local alcohol of choice to pass through customs. Furthermore, you would need to say goodbye to any gambling games if moving to Saudi Arabia, as it is forbidden. Additionally, Afghanistan bans any anti-Islamic material, as the country is extremely devout in the Muslim faith.

    If you are skeptical about transporting an unusual item, then be sure to check with your respective Move One Representative. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about the codes and policies regarding imports and shipments of any kind. This can be useful as you will be well aware of any sort of repercussion or fine if you violate customs zones. Also, bear in mind that many countries may impose fees for allowing unusual cargo across their borders.

    Our Relocation Scope

    Move One’s relocation services include city orientation, home and school searches as well as door to door moving services worldwide and cover packing of personal effects, warehousing, pet transportation and fine art shipping. Should you need help with your corporate or individual relocation needs, or if you would like to receive a free moving quote, do not hesitate to contact us at

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