Ongoing support and tenancy related services can be provided as a full service, based on a monthly fee, or as an ad hoc service based on hourly rate. These services are performed in-office and involve telephone and email support of transferees. If the physical presence of a Move One consultant is necessary, the hourly rate (as per pricing schedule) will apply. The services listed below can be provided as a full package, or can be provided as a separate ad hoc service.

Tenancy Helpline & Payment Support

  • Provide assistance with questions about tenancy related issues (during business hours)
  • Organize repairs with the Move One network of suppliers.
  • Schedule and coordinate Maintenance Sub-Providers, when applicable
  • Review and approve Sub-Provider’s invoices
  • Send invoices to the client or transferee (either for approval, payment , or for their records)

Lease Extension Support

  • Notify the client and transferee in a timely manner that the lease must be extended
  • Negotiate rates and clauses in the best interest of the client and transferee
  • Send a draft of the extension document to the client for review and approval
  • Coordinate the signature of the extension by both parties
  • Provide an original of the extension document to the client

Emergency Hotline Services

  • Provide 24 hour telephone support for property, medical or legal emergencies
  • Report to the client on any emergency requests received and actions taken