Finding a good school for children can be one of the most important tasks for your expatriate, which determines their comfort of staying in the country. Move One Relocation Consultant will help your transferee to identify and select the best option for their children and will help to make this decision pleasant and easy.

Move One Consultant will:

  • Explain differences between public and private schools.
  • Contact school(s) to determine availability for the upcoming semester/year.
  • Review availability of private schools and process for application, interview, and acceptance.
  • Arrange and coordinate interviews; accompanies when appropriate.
  • Provide school brochures and application forms and assists in application completion.
  • Notify the Transferee or HR Manager of deposits and other fees.
  • Advise family about required vaccinations and certifications.

Note: Children with special needs will require professional assistance, which is not a service described above. However, should it be determined that the family requires education counseling or consulting, the Move One Consultant will immediately notify the HR Manager.