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2010: Shipping to Iraq (ship from Iraq) small shipments has never been faster and Move One has recently transported sensitive environmental samples. Move One even broke our own record with this additional challenging delivery. We previously ship from Iraq soil, water and fuel samples taken from the West Qurna to analysis laboratories in Malaysia. This is not the first time we ship from Iraq to Malaysia (or shipping to Iraq).

Whilst by no means the most unusual or challenging logistics project undertaken by Move One, but also the shipment was highly time sensitive. The water samples had to be precisely refrigerated and had a lifespan of only six days. Whilst fuel was shipped in carefully sealed atmospheric sample containers, .

What really made this project extraordinary is that the transit time from Basra to Kuala Lumpur was only four days. “We developed a solution in order to export small shipments from Iraq to anywhere in the world in under a week. Before it usually required the same amount of time for customs alone.” said Craig Bailey. Craig Bailey is Move One’s former Manager for Southern Iraq. Three weekly shipments were delivered, and then the rest were scheduled over the following months.

Shawn Wood’s observation, Move One’s former UPS Product Manager. “With the strong UPS network in Iraq, along with the efforts of our experienced staff on the ground, we are now able to procure express courier shipments destined for any international delivery in less than a week.”

Move One, being the authorized service contractor for UPS in Iraq, has an extensive network in the country. It catered the centers in Erbil, Baghdad and Basra. These links add efficiency and agility to Move One’s already diverse line of products as a service provider in Iraq. Move One is offering customers easy and convenient access to a variety of domestic and international shipping options. Highly trained UPS representatives provide customers with services, such as shipping documentation, packaging and labeling. Packages therefore, can be transported to any country or territory worldwide that UPS currently serves.

Shipping to Iraq : 12,400 Carp

Iraq Shipping

Student Sampling Fertilised Egg

Move One, in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is playing an important role in the reconstruction of Iraq’s agricultural industry. In an effort to provide sustainability to Iraq’s agrarian economy, USAID made additional investment. The investment is more than $6 billion in programs designed to foster agricultural and economic growth. Inma (Arabic for Growth) Agribusiness Program, which is aimed at assisting the development of agribusinesses and agricultural markets in Iraq. As part of the USAID foundation, Move One facilitated the successful shipping to Iraq, 12,400 carp roe in May 2009.

Move One is pleased to hear from Inma that the fisheries project is a continued success. The imported carp reached maturity and then Inma Agribusiness already started the process of hybridization with the local stock. These cross-breeds will be distributed to local area farmers and hatcheries.

The shipment was collected from the Tiszaszentimre fish farm in Hungary, and flown to the Middle East Fish Farm (MEFF) in Iskandaria. The remaining shipment were transported to Euphrates Fish Farm (EFF) at Al Hilla. Inma were present and oversaw the process, from the packaging of live fish brood stock in Hungary. They also witnessed the placement in live tanks at the Iraqi receiving hatcheries. On site assistance, when required, was provided to ensure that the movement and time line projected were completed. And also the verifying count, time and method of packaging of live fish for importation.

Shipping to Iraq : 80,000 Assorted Fruit trees and 30,000 Grave Vines

Move One assisted in the transportation of over 80,000 assorted fruit trees and also 30,000 assorted grape vines. It was shipped from San Francisco to three destinations in Iraq – Baghdad, Erbil, and Hilla. This initiative by Iraq’s Ministry of Agriculture is meant to further improve the country’s farming industry and provide the incentive to encourage the growth of small scale farming as well.

We continued to play an important role in strengthening Iraq’s infrastructure and economy, as well as delivering agricultural goods vital to its sustainability. Move One opened a facility in Balad, Camp Anaconda. This facility is to boost its capabilities and expand its presence in the country

Shipping from Iraq : 600,000 Books (ship from iraq)

Books Ship from Iraq

Books Ship from Iraq

In 2009, Move One teamed up with Scholastic International’s program ‘Arabic Library‘. This partnership lead to a shipment of  over 600,000 books to Iraq. Arabic Library is a unique educational project developed by Scholastic to encourage the love of reading and learning in children across the Arabic-speaking world. Filling in a well-documented need for high-quality Arabic-language books in the classroom with great appeal to children.

The 600,000 books vary in content and include science, comic, real-life stories, fiction and fairy tales, biographies and tales from around the world. Some of these books were donated by Scholastic International to various schools in and around Iraq. Books are have attractive styles with joyful colors, amusing pictures and expressive cartoons. These books can be read inside and outside the classroom. Teachers can integrate these books into the curriculum through implementing various activities in mathematics, science and geography courses.

In addition in 2009, 46 more containers of books were ship from Iraq to Kuwait. Then the shipment were loaded again to be sent to their final destinations in Iraq. Therefore with five offices in the country, Move One is heavily invested in Iraq and supports all programs that have helping the country as its aim.

Should you have any questions regarding our operations in Iraq and UPS Iraq, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Karokh Bahjat, Move One’s Iraq Country Manager at