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Move One transporting armored vehicle in Afghanistan

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The demand to transport in Afghanistan for armored vehicles in the world is growing. Such vehicles have become standard equipment for organisations and companies operating in conflict zones and dangerous and hostile environments. In recent years, the use of armored vehicles has increased, especially in the regions such as Iraq and Afghanistan. This ensures safe transportation for military, civilian and government personnel operating in unsafe areas. As a consequence of such a trend, there is an increased need for international transportation of armored vehicles. As opposed to transportation of civilian cars, moving armored vehicle from one country to another is a demanding task. It takes special expertise, as armored vehicles are far more difficult to manage and more expensive than ordinary civilian cars. Such a job can be rather difficult and requires high expertise, especially when you transport in Afghanistan.

How do Move One transport in Afghanistan?

Move One has a long history, experience and expertise in Global Logistics. In Afghanistan, offering its services to various Government agencies like Consulates and Embassies. Such services range from secure convoys, warehousing and online shipment tracking to air, sea, road, and rail services. Aside from these services, we also offer Purchase order management and transportation of armored vehicles. With twelve offices, strategically located across Afghanistan, Move One Logistics has the experience and resources needed to handle any logistical requirement in the region, and beyond.

The company has offices and operations facilities in all central Middle East countries. And we are also able to facilitate transit clearance and other operations in the whole region. To transport in Afghanistan, it requires move one’s most important asset and that is our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Move One staff in Afghanistan is made up of skilled individuals from around the world, supported by plenty of local talent.

The Project

Move One is very proud of its successful projects in this region. Our recent operation is for US Embassy, transporting 31 armored Toyota Land Cruisers to Kabul. This is just an example of its capabilities in the field of armored vehicle transportation to remote and volatile regions. The company was responsible for moving these vehicles from Tallin port to Kabul, Afghanistan. The vehicles were sent to Bishkek in rail wagons, from where the shipment was taken over by Move One staff. And from there, it is being forwarded to Kabul via Tajikistan. Our offices in Bishkek and Tajikistan took over the paperwork, arranged visas for the drivers, and customs documentation. A rather demanding task considering the fact that all the vehicles had to get permissions from the Afghan Ministry of Interior.

Thanks to the company’s cultural and geographical understanding of the area, combined with extensive experience of local rules and regulations, Move One managed to perform this job, as any other logistical task, on schedule and on time. Move One also specialises in Tax Exemption Protocol Processes for Afghanistan and is one of the most accomplished customs clearance brokers in the country, with the fastest service for Armored Vehicle and Restricted Items clearance.

Move One has been supporting military, humanitarian and commercial organizations in Afghanistan since 2001. For further information about Move One’s logistics services in Central Asia, please contact Gregory Forgrave at