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Warehousing in Iraq with Move One

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    In August 2010, Move One is proud to announce that it has finished it’s warehousing in Iraq (warehouse in Iraq). It is located at the Baghdad airport, and has also upgraded its facilities at Camp Victory. This is to serve both the civilian and the military airfields. With completion of the new warehouse in Iraq, the company now has two warehouses on location in Baghdad. The supply chain in Iraq is often very complicated. Thanks to Move One’s established experience on the ground, it has the ability to move freight freely around the country. This, however, can be a challenging task even for experienced professionals. The reason is, the security situation, but problems may specifically arise and sometimes unusual procedures with the Iraqi authorities. Luckily, Move One is equipped to deal with any possible issues and problems.

    Supply Chain Experience (Warehousing in Iraq | Warehouse in Iraq)

    Move One’s team consists of both locals and expats with extensive experience in dealing with the supply chain in Iraq. Aside from that, Move One’s also have in-depth knowledge of administrative procedures in Iraq and other Middle East countries. Robert Hass (RH), Move One’s former regional manager for the Middle East, explains why the lifespan of cargo in Iraq is so specific. Mr. Hass said, ‘Baghdad and Iraq have a lot of rules that need to be followed. For instance, no trucks with international plates are allowed in downtown Baghdad (former Green zone). Additionally, one has to accredit every individual truck and driver with the authorities’. Getting the Wakala license necessary for each driver, takes about two weeks and is valid for a month only. After that, the procedure, which involves the Court and Ministry of Defense needs to be repeated.

    ‘The Iraqi administration maintains a roster of licensed drivers and trucks that are tied to each other’, Mr. Hass adds. ‘You cannot just change them even though circumstances might force you.’ Although the situation in Baghdad has significantly improved, security is still a problem. Robert Hass described the situation they were facing. He said, ‘In Iraq, it is very easy to run into great obstacles if you are not careful with security. There are checkpoints everywhere; the situation is very fluid. It is all about connections’.

    Road Conditions during transport

    It is vital to be informed about the conditions of the roads and the whereabouts of the insurgents, to be able to move the cargo safely and efficiently. There are a ton of variables that go into the equation when dealing with shipping freight in Iraq. For example, you need to know your driver’s background if he is a Shiite Muslim. Why? Because, Shiite Muslim in certain areas could cause problems for your driver and for your freight. It’s vital to have all the necessary information in order to secure a safe passage. Security Firms and Police escorts are almost a must outside the walls of Baghdad to reassure the safety of the cargo. Move One’s experience in dealing with the ‘norm’ in Iraq has been proven over the last seven years.

    Camp Victory Warehouse in Iraq | Move One Warehousing in Iraq

    Move One Logistics has significantly expanded its capacity at Baghdad airport, with a new compound inside Camp Victory.

    Camp Victory takes in the military half of the airport, plus a large area of surrounding land, and is a key staging point for freight shipments all over Iraq. Move One’s new compound includes a 500m2 warehouse and a 9000m2 laydown area, and represents a considerable extension to Move One’s existing capabilities. They will be used for all military shipments arriving at the base, and long term storage, while the existing facility at the airport itself will be used for civilian shipments and short term storage.

    The new facilities are part of Move One’s overall expansion in the region, with the upcoming announcement of full Relocations, Logistics and Moving services in Saudi Arabia, and extensions to our facilities in Afghanistan, at Kandahar airbase and Camp Leatherneck.

    The company now has a new 550 square meters warehouse on Camp Victory in addition to a large lay-down area. Move One is confident it can securely deliver all types of cargo to any location in Iraq. Our camp in Lost Lake, Baghdad airport, has 24-hour security and servicing both 40-feet and 24-feet trucks. The airport warehouse in Iraq also has three openings for loading, as well as 3-ton and 6-ton forklifts. Currently, about 40 Move One employees work there on ensuring and looking after every single detail that is needed to get your shipment from A to B.

    Inquiries for Warehousing in Iraq | Warehouse in Iraq

    Follow our blog to learn more about Move One’s locations in Iraq and the full portfolio of services offered in the country, or for further information, contact karokh.bahjat@moveoneinc.com