Move One is pleased to announce it has officially opened an office in Ouagadougou, the capital city of Burkina Faso. This office now brings the number of Move One own offices to 12 in 9 African countries.

This new office location will offer Move One’s full range of services to include Relocation, Moving and Logistics solutions. Additionally, Move One feels that by opening this office, it will provide a greater advantage to current and potential logistics customers by being strategically positioned near West Africa’s busiest ports: Port of Cotonou, Benin – Lome, Togo – Tema Ghana – Abidjan and Cote d’Ivoire. All of which are main gateways of an astounding variety of Diplomatic, Humanitarian, Military and Energy Project related goods into the land-locked Burkina Faso.

With a presence in Burkina Faso, Move One is confident that having local expertise will benefit customers by providing a higher level of direct service and enhanced lines of communication. Move One’s Carl Corriveau (Director of Global Logistics ) added, “We are already remotely providing these services in the region. By having our own Move One office in Burkina Faso, we will have increased visibility on the cargo which will give us the opportunity to foresee possible complications and challenges surrounding documentation or transport before it becomes an issue or impacts our customer.”

The expansion will also allow Move One to directly setup, manage and execute spare parts management and warehouse distribution projects throughout Burkina Faso in support of key telecoms and humanitarian customers, cold chain storage and distribution solutions for military and oil & gas / mining camp installations.

Move One also sees an increasing demand for Moving and Relocation related services in the region especially concentrated on Diplomatic and Defense related sectors.

Move One Africa Network
Opening of Burkina Faso office brings the total of Move One own Africa offices to 12 in 9 countries. Our 2021 expansion plans continue on track with scheduled offices in 10 countries. Move One long the go to solution for logistics , moving and relocation solutions in transitional economies and emerging markets are now the safe solution for your Africa logistic needs.

Move One West Africa Burkina Faso

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